March 30, 2023

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Marathon Vaccine Day is trying to respond to the crisis

Posted on Sunday 08 August 2021 at 11:26 p.m.

Tunisia, which has been facing a severe health crisis for months, launched an intensive vaccination campaign against Govt-19 on Sunday, the day of “open house” after receiving more than six million doses from Arab and Western countries.

A total of 551,008 people over the age of 40 were vaccinated at 335 centers, at the initiative of President Guiz Saeed, the health ministry said.

According to AFP reporters, the crowd was high in the middle. At 1:00 pm (11:00 am GMT), 302,751 people had been vaccinated, according to the Ministry of Health’s monitoring unit.

President Syed handed over full powers to himself on July 25 after a frantic pandemic that angered Tunisians in an assembly that was monopolized by the “incompetence” of the former government and its internal struggles.

Since then, he has created a crisis unit to manage the health crisis overseen by a high-level player.

“In 15 days, more than six million doses have been given. In the coming days, more than two million doses are expected, and then another four million doses are expected,” the president said in a video released Thursday.

The head of state urged his comrades to vaccinate en masse. “Don’t hesitate for a moment,” he said.

Late in its vaccination campaign, Tunisia was severely affected by the delta variation: since March, the death toll from the new corona virus has more than doubled to more than 20,000.

Officially, this country of 11 million people has one of the worst mortality rates in the world associated with the epidemic.

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With millions of doses of vaccine being poured into the following donations in recent weeks, Tunisia officially hopes to vaccinate about 50% of its population by mid-October.

The first “open house” day organized at the last minute at the end of July ended in an irregular rush of vaccinations. The loss of the post of then health minister highlights the lack of government strategy on Govind’s face.

About two million people have received the first dose of the vaccine since the campaign began in March.