Medical Update: Byron, Donald, Gallagher, Weber & Price

Montreal – Montreal Canadians has released the following medical updates on perspectives Paul Byrne, Philip Donald And Brendan Gallagher, As well as on Defenseman Shia Weber And Goldender Carry Price.

Paul Byrne He has been sidelined with a minor injury since playing his last game in Calgary on April 23. His rehab program at Prosard is progressing well, this time he is considered everyday.

Philip Donald Injury to upper body in last night’s game against Toronto. He will return to Montreal for a medical team evaluation and will miss the game on Saturday. Currently he is listed daily.

Brendan Gallagher Ice training resumed last week at ProSart. With a six-week deadline announced on April 7, his progress to play is being targeted by the medical team.

Shia Weber Listed day by day with upper body injury.

Carry Price She is back in the ice after suffering a concussion in Edmonton on April 19. He is being monitored daily by medical staff and continues to follow the protocol. No deadline has been set for his return at this time.

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