Metro Vancouver 60 SpaceX Starling Satellites Across the Sky – Abbotsford News

SpaceX recently launched 60 Starling satellites to orbit the Earth in the May 4 Metro Vancouver sky.

Video: 60 SpaceX Starling satellites seen in Metro Vancouver sky

The satellites were launched into orbit on May 4 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida

On the same day, SpaceX’s Falcon 960 launched Starling satellites into orbit, which saw Metro Vancouver crawling across the sky.

Social media users, including White Rock, unveiled the lights of white lights on the night of May 4th.

The rocket, which exploded just after noon from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, marked the company’s 13th launch site this year.

SpaceX, the space exploration technology of the American space manufacturer, or Elon Musk, is working to fill its initial Internet galaxy with 1,440 broadband satellites.

These devices are said to be 60 times closer to Earth than traditional satellites.

SpaceX has not yet set a date to launch its broadband services.

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