October 1, 2023

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Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins

Mike McDaniel confirms that Tua Tagovailoa is not in concussion protocol

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The NFL Players Association has exercised its right to Initiate investigation From the decision to allow the middle section Toa Tagoviloa To return to play in Sunday’s game between the Bills and Dolphins.

Tagoviloa went into the locker room to be checked in late in the second quarter. Tagoviloa’s head hit the grass and stumbled as he walked toward the Miami attacking pool.

Tagoviloa was then on the field in the second half after he was cleared.

On Monday, Dolphin technical director Mike McDaniel told reporters that Tagovailoa was not included in the concussion protocol. But Tagovailoa deals with back and ankle pain. Those injuries could keep Tagovailoa off the field in Thursday’s game with the Bengals.

“These Thursday night games, you get used to doing the best you can. We’re trying to get the information out as quickly as we can,” McDaniel said at his press conference. But right now, especially in a grueling game like this, not only Tua, but there are a lot of guys that we’re going to acclimate to on the fly, see if they can turn it around and give Thursday healthy walk. “

McDaniel noted that when he first saw Tagoviloa falter on the field, he also made the assumption what was going on with the quarterback.

“But that’s why there’s also an independent neurologist that clears him,” McDaniel said. “We have to clear him. You’re talking to the player. And listen, the one thing I think our players know more than anyone else, there are certain things I’m very sensitive to – I get emotionally called out from time to time – and one of those things is player health. So I’m not messing around. By this – at all.

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“And it was more than that, Towa was really annoyed with me during the match when I was talking to him because he knew what hurt and didn’t understand why people keep talking to him about what we were talking about. I think watching the replay, maybe he can. That’s something I think The important underpinning of all of that is player safety. That’s why the protocols are in place. So, we’re happy to comply and feel good about this whole process, really.”

McDaniel added that he was not involved in the decision to return Tagovailoa to the locker room. They emphasized that appropriate protocols for QB screening were followed.

“[W]”We wouldn’t have moved forward in the direction we did if there were any kind of red flags, because you can’t put your quarterbacks out of harm’s way,” McDaniel said. “So if he had a head problem, he wouldn’t go back there.”