Mom’s horror as a son collapsed in the supermarket with a brain hemorrhage

Jackie Chadwick says 36-year-old Carl Hawkins has no signs of fighting for his life.

Carl first crashed into an aisle on April 24 last year while visiting a disco in Leh.

Jackie, who lives in Lee, said: “Fortunately I went to town that day to pick up some medicine myself. I got a phone call from my eldest son to tell him that Carl had collapsed at the desk.

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Carl Hawkins had a part of his skull removed due to a brain hemorrhage
Carl Hawkins had a part of his skull removed due to a brain hemorrhage

“I went there and I went straight inside even though they were standing in line in the car park. It was absolutely terrifying to see the way he was at the time.

“By the time I got there a paramedic was already treating him and they had taken him to Salford. I had not seen him for eight weeks.

“She was operated on immediately. He touched her, they said. They told me to get ready for the bad situation that evening. ”

Carl suffered a brain hemorrhage and doctors worked to stop the bleeding in his brain.

Before Carl Hawkins collapsed

But to alleviate the pressure they had to remove part of the skull, and he was in a coma for eight weeks, unable to visit his mother due to corona virus restrictions.

Carl was transferred to Trafford General Hospital for rehabilitation and was only discharged in August.

Since he could no longer live independently, he moved in with his mother.

Carl was unable to return to his job at the Thomas Burke Bubble in Lee.

Jackie, 61, said: “He’s up and down now. He has problems with memory, he has problems with his speech. He has only been able to use his hand again for the past two weeks. He was only able to use his knife and fork – it was a great achievement. ”

Carlin’s condition is expected to continue to improve.

“We have to remember things. Even when he talks to me, he will start talking about something. I will listen to him. When he stops, he forgets to talk,” his mother said.

From November 7 to February 13, Carl began having seizures since he suffered a brain hemorrhage in 10 people.

Jackie said: “Fortunately he has nothing after that. Like I thought we finally got the medicine. ”

It was a “dream” year for Jackie and his family, and he says Carl is now “completely different”.

But he praised the “smart” supervisors from Excel who visit Carl three times each week, and the supermarket workers who take care of him.

Jackie said: “The staff at Tesco in Lay was absolutely fantastic that day. He entered the store and fell into the first aisle.

“Fortunately both the store manager and another manager were behind Carl so they came straight to him. They are an obstacle so people can’t go near him and the paramedics can work for him.”

The family also has the support of Carlin’s lifelong friend Jay Kenny, who aims to raise 3,000 to ensure he has everything he needs.

He promises to run 101 miles from Carlisle to Leh in 24 hours and asks people to sponsor him.

He will be running on June 11 and 12 and hopes to organize a concert or some other kind of fundraising event in Lee while he is running.

This will be a big challenge for Jay and his co-workers who went to school with Carl, but he is determined to succeed.

He said: “It will be hard mentally and physically, but I will keep Carl in my mind. I can do it 24 hours a day and get my body through a lot of pain to help him.”

He believes money will make a real difference to Carl, whom he describes as “everyone’s friend.”

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