More Quebec essential workers, those with higher risk health conditions can register for vaccinations as of Wednesday

Montreal – More and more Quebecs will soon be eligible to receive their Govt-19 vaccine, although a contradictory announcement on Tuesday caused even more confusion over the release.

As of Wednesday, across the province, some essential workers could register appointments to receive the first dose of the “high risk of explosion” vaccine.

In addition, some Quebecs with severe chronic health conditions increase their risk of complications of COVID-19, which may begin to get footage from their doctors.

Prior to this announcement, only those in both groups living in Montreal were eligible.

Across Quebec, people with the following health conditions are now eligible, however they do not need to take action to book a shot – they will receive the vaccine from the treating physician.

  • People who are currently hospitalized are at higher risk for COVID-19

  • Patients treated in hospitals for dialysis

  • Some alternative recipients

  • People who are frequently hospitalized for cancer

  • Those who need to receive a dose under the supervision of a hospital allergist

This is the same group of patients who have previously been vaccinated in Montreal.

A similar expansion applies Wednesday to “high-risk” essential workers across Quebec – the same group that only qualified in Montreal on Friday.

Affected essential workers:

  • Elementary and middle school staff

  • Child Care Center staff

  • Public safety personnel such as firefighters, police and correctional facility staff

  • Temporary foreign workers in the agricultural sector

  • Slaughterhouse staff

  • Employees working in the mining sector in remote regions

  • Workers of social organizations supported by the Support Program for Social Organizations

According to the Ministry of Health, most of those workers will be able to register for their appointments online, although proof of employment at the vaccination site will be required.

Coordination after legal comment

There has been confusion over Quebec’s vaccine release over the past few weeks After a series of conflicting announcements – Legalt continued on Tuesday, first giving false information at his press conference.

Legalt said “all” essential workers and individuals with health conditions who are at high risk for COVID-19 are eligible to book their shows.

But the Ministry of Health later, following a written announcement, clarified that Legalt’s report was too comprehensive, outlining a very narrow range of qualifications.

Regardless of what the province first described when announcing its priority groups this winter, the order of the rolls is not exactly the same.

At the beginning of the vaccination campaign, the province began to function through these priority groups, which are mostly age-based. But this has changed somewhat over the past two weeks.

When it reaches eight and nine categories – chronic diseases and essential workers respectively – the groups are divided, with the most urgent parts of each group going first. Of those, only those who lived in Montreal had first access.

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