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According to Grufocus Value Calculation, Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC (LSE: MRW, 30-year finance) is undervalued. Grufocus value is the gurofocus value of the fair value at which the stock should be traded. It is calculated based on the historical multiples in which the stock is traded, analyst ratings of past business growth and future business performance. If the price of a share is significantly above the GF value line, it will be exaggerated and its future returns will be bad. On the other hand, if it is significantly below the GF value line, its future returns will be higher. With its current price of $ 1.7325 and a market cap of $ 4.2 billion, Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC stock is estimated to be undervalued. GF Value (WM) for Morrison Supermarkets PLC is shown in the table below.

Morrison (Wm) Supermarkets PLC GF Value Chart

Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC is relatively underestimated as its long-term earnings per share will be higher than its business growth, which averaged 0.2% over the past three years and is projected to grow by 0.81% year-on-year over the next five years. .

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Investing in companies with bad financial strength carries a higher risk of permanent capital loss. Therefore, it is important to carefully review the financial strength of a company before deciding whether to buy shares. Seeing Money to debt ratio And interest protection is the best starting point for understanding the financial strength of a company. Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC has a lending ratio of 0.07, which is worse than 89% of companies in the retail-defense sector. Morpheus (WM) Supermarkets PLC has an overall financial strength of 4 out of 10, indicating that the financial strength of Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC is poor. This is the credit and money of Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC over the years:

Credit and money

Investing in profitable companies is less risky, especially for those with long-term stable profits. A company with higher profit margins is generally a safer investment than one with lower profit margins. Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC has been 8 profitable in the last 10 years. Over the past twelve months, the company has revenue of $ 17.6 billion and earnings of 0.04 per share. Its Operating margin 1.43%, Which is worse than 69% of companies in the retail-defense sector. Overall, Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC ranks 5th out of 10, which represents a reasonable profit. The revenue and net income of Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC over the years are:

Renewal and net income

Growth is one of the most important factors in a company’s rating. Grufocus’ research has found that growth is closely related to the long-term performance of a company’s stock. If a company’s business is growing, the company usually builds value for its shareholders, especially if growth is profitable. Similarly, if a company’s revenue and income continue to decline, the value of the company will decrease. Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC’s 3-year average revenue growth rate is worse than 70% of companies in the retail-defense sector. Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC’s 3-year average EPIDTA growth rate is -2.8%, which is worse than 79% of companies in the retail-defense sector.

Another way to look at a company’s profit is to compare its return on capital invested and the weighted cost of capital. Return on Investment Capital (ROIC) It measures how well a company generates cash flow compared to the capital invested in its business. The Average Average Capital Expenditure (WACC) is the average amount a company is expected to pay to all its asset owners to fund its assets. We want the return on capital invested to be greater than the weighted value of capital. For the past 12 months, Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC has a return on investment capital of 1.46 and a capital expenditure of 3.81. Below is a historical ROIC vs WACC comparison of Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC:


In conclusion, the share of Morrison (WM) supermarkets PLC (LSE: MRW, 30-year finance) is believed to be undervalued. The financial condition of the company is bad and its profit is reasonable. Its growth is worse than 79% of companies in the retail-defense sector. To learn more about Morrison (WM) Supermarkets PLC stock, you can see its 30 year funding here.

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