Morrisons customers are threatening to boycott the supermarket over more loyalty scheme changes

Morrisons customers are threatening to push the supermarket ahead of changes to its loyalty plan coming up next week.

The shake-up of its Morrisons More plan means customers can no longer collect points – instead they will receive digital coupons through the app.

Shoppers currently receive five points for every 1 they spend in stores, which can then be converted into vouchers.

You must collect 5,000 points to receive the £ 5 voucher.

But as part of the changes, it will be discontinued from May 10 – May 9 is the last day to collect points.

From next week Morrisons will stop making physical extra cards, so if you lose or damage it will not be replaced.

Customers will be able to use their current card from May 10 – but again, you will not be collecting points on it and you will need more usage to activate offers.

Morrisons will stop making further physical versions of the card

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The cut-off point for requesting any points you created before the changes came is August 9, 2021.

Vouchers can be retrieved through the application or through the Morrisons website or by printing at the store.

Once you request them, they are valid for 56 weeks.

Since you can only get vouchers for multiples of £ 5 from Morrisons, the remaining points that cannot be circled up to this amount will be lost.

Morrisons customers have complained to Twitter about the changes, with some saying they will shop elsewhere.

One person said: “I’m not happy you wiped out your high rewards, so I’ll wipe you out and take my business elsewhere!”

Another said: “I don’t care about using apps, so I don’t care anymore.”

One-third said: “Do not accept the removal of Morrison Morrisons Loyalty Cards.”

A fourth person added: “I heard about Morrisons’ new loyalty program. I think I will receive my petrol and shopping from Tesco by May.”

On its website, Morrisons says it has made changes to its further loyalty plan following customer feedback.

A Morrison spokesman said: “We have been in contact with more and more of our Morrison customers to inform them of some changes we are planning.

“A key feature of the new service is that all savings will be communicated in pounds and available for immediate disbursement, so customers no longer have to save their points or wait for vouchers.

“We contacted our customers a few weeks ago so they were aware of the changes and could recover their existing extra points before they expire.”

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