June 3, 2023

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Moscow accuses Kiev of ‘pretending’ in peace talks

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  • Head of Russian Diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov On Monday, he promised to continue peace talks with Ukraine, while warning of the danger. “Real” The conflict escalated into World War III. He blamed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky “To use” To discuss with Moscow.
  • Anthony Blingen And Austin Lloyd, the head of US diplomacy and defense, met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky on Sunday, April 24 in Q., Exactly two months after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Washington gradually announced the withdrawal of a US diplomatic presence in Ukraine and announced additional direct and indirect assistance of more than $ 700 million.
  • A. from multiple calls Ceasefire Fighting and shelling continued on Easter weekend for Orthodox Christians.
  • Is Like Mariupol, A new attempt to evacuate civilians to the city of Sapporoja failed on Saturday. Moscow and Kiev blamed each other for these failures. Nearly 100,000 civilians are still stranded in the dilapidated city, besieged since early March, and 20,000 people are said to have died, according to its mayor. Russia proposed to hold President Zelensky “A special talk session next to the Azovstal site”The last pocket of the Ukrainian opposition, and pointed out “Wait for an answer” Russian.
  • At least eight people, including a child, were killed Saturday in Russian attacks on a port cityOdessa, According to a statement issued by the President of Ukraine. The Russian military, for its part, said it was targeted “High precision missiles” A logistics terminal at a military airport near Odessa supplies weapons to Ukrainian forces by the United States and European countries.
  • On the bed of DonbassRussian troops “Intensified their attacks” According to Ukrainian public servants, in three directions. In the area of Luhansk Six civilians were killed in Russian attacks near the village of Kirske. Nearby DonetskFive civilians were killed on Sunday. Is Korowi Year, An area north of Donbass, where fighting was taking place at the entrance to the village, AFP reported. Ukrainian tanks and shields intensified counter-attack and included an attempt to evacuate 30 civilians.
  • The Russian military, for its part, pointed out Sunday Missile attacks Against nine Ukrainian military targets, including four ammunition depots south of the Kharkiv region. Moscow said it had carried out airstrikes against 26 targets and 423 artillery shells without locating them.
  • Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) He said to himself “Very worried” Following the arrests, four members of its 2014 ceasefire mission in pro-Russian separatist eastern Ukraine were established after the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the conflict between these regions and Kiev. She called them “Immediate release”.
  • In Russia, any voice challenging the war Will continue to suffocate. The popular chess site Chess.com was blocked there after two articles about Ukraine were published at the request of the Russian Attorney General’s Office. “Misinformation”.
  • General Secretary of United NationsAntonio Guterres, before leaving for Moscow and Kyiv, will travel to Turkey on Monday to visit Turkey, a key mediator in the conflict in Ukraine, the UN said.
  • Number Refugees According to the United Nations, there are close to 5.2 million survivors of the Russian invasion. More than 7.7 million people have been displaced from their homes, but are still in Ukraine.
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