NASA pays rich tribute to Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins

NASA on Thursday paid tribute to US astronaut Michael Collins, who was the command block pilot for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Collins, 90, died Wednesday after battling cancer, his family said. NASA, who shared a photo on Instagram, said the image was clicked by Collins, who spent seven years of his life with them as an astronaut. The photo shows the lunar module “Eagle” returning to the command block “Columbia” after the moon lands. You can see the earth in the background of the picture. NASA has all the humanity in this picture, except Collins who captured it.

Collins had the command module fly Neil Armstrong And Bus Aldrin became the first man to walk on the moon. “We remember Michael Collins, a NASA astronaut and crew member of Apollo 11 who passed away on April 28, 2021.” NASA Said.

In the post, NASA quoted Collins as saying that he was sent to Mission Control on his return journey from Earth நிலா July 21, 1969. “You may have seen this journey to our moon as simple or easy எல்லாம் All you see is the three of us, but there are thousands and thousands under the surface, and I want to tell everyone, thank you very much. ”

NASA further shared what Mission Control said during Apollo 11. “Because Adam did not know the humanity that Mike Collins experiences in the 47 minutes of each lunar revolution, when he was behind the moon, no one spoke except the tape recorder. In Colombia. While waiting with his comrades to rise from the peace base with the Eagle and return to Earth, Collins continues to set up the command module with the help of flight controllers at the Mission Control Center. ”

Besides, the space agency also issued a statement saying the country had lost a “true pioneer and lifelong lawyer to study” in Collins. NASA executive Steve Zursik said the pilot of the Apollo 11 was “the lone man in history”.

“When his colleagues first walked on the moon, he helped our nation reach a definite milestone. He distinguished himself in the Gemini program and as an Air Force pilot,” he said.

“Exploration is not a choice, in fact it is a must,” Collins would say. “The Earthlings are a record of what kind of civilization we have created and whether we have entered other parts of the galaxy.”

The place where Zurzik said Collins’ own autobiographical achievements, his writings on his experiences and the leadership of the National Aerospace Museum have helped our nation gain a broader exposure to the work of all men and women who have helped it advance itself in aviation and glory. “He no doubt inspired a new generation of scientists, engineers, test pilots and astronauts.”

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