July 19, 2024

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NASA releases image of moonrise from ‘unique vantage point’ of space station

NASA releases image of moonrise from ‘unique vantage point’ of space station

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) regularly captures stunning images of our universe, leaving space enthusiasts in awe. The space agency’s social media is a treasure trove for those who love watching educational videos and stunning images showcasing Earth and space. Now, in its latest post, the agency has shared a photo of a moonrise from a “unique vantage point” inside the International Space Station.

The image was taken by NASA astronaut Matthew Dominick, who has been living aboard the International Space Station for about four months. The image shows a crescent moon above Earth’s atmosphere. The planet resembles blue ocean water. “Layers of orange and black are visible beneath the horizontal blue band running across the center of the image. The crescent moon is white and stands out against the blackness of space,” the agency said in its description of the image.

See the image below:

“A slice of the moon rises from the night-time clouds and appears to be looking toward the horizon, awaiting the imminent sunrise,” the astronaut said, describing the scene.

In February, NASA published a picture of the moon and the earth In one frame from the International Space Station. In the image, the Moon is in its crescent phase and the Earth appears blue with faint white clouds in the atmosphere. NASA wrote while sharing the image: “Our Moon is in its waning crescent phase, with most of the Sun’s light illuminating its far side – the side we can’t see directly from Earth. A waning crescent is the last phase before the lunar cycle repeats with a ‘new moon’ phase, when it is completely obscured from Earth’s perspective.”

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“When viewed from the International Space Station, the Moon appears partially illuminated in the upper-middle portion of the image. The Earth appears blue with faint white clouds in the atmosphere, extending from the lower left to the upper right of the image. Black space surrounds the Moon,” they added.

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