NASA SpaceX’s lunar lander is down due to complaints

NASA, the US space agency, has developed the Elon Musk SpaceX project, a lunar spacecraft, while competing bidders anticipate the consequences of the challenges posed to the US Government Accountability Office (GAO). CNBC.

“Following the GAO demonstrations, NASA instructed SpaceX to suspend the progress of the HLS (Human Landing System) agreement until GAO settles all pending cases related to this purchase,” the company said Friday.

GAO will issue a verdict on August 4 and decide whether or not SpaceX will continue with its lunar lander. The project aims to return humans to the moon from American soil for the first time since 1972.

However, this is not without controversy. Of Jeff Bezov Blue Origin, SpaceX competitor, Filed a 50-page demonstration With GAO on Monday, he argued that his company had not been given the opportunity to revise its initiative when SpaceX was present.

The value of this deal is 9 2.9 billion. Said Bob Smith, chief executive of Blue Origin The New York Times Choosing a NASA contractor at the time was flawed.

“It’s very different for NASA to make these kinds of mistakes,” Smith said. “They are generally very good at acquisition, especially its core missions, such as turning the United States to the surface of the moon. We felt these errors needed to be addressed.”

Musk responded by mocking Jeff Bezos A clever tweet. Referring to the fact that the Blue Origin has not yet reached orbit with any of its rockets, “it cannot be raised (in orbit).”

However, we wonder what he can tweet now that his plans have been put on hold. A third company, Dynatics of Huntsville, Alabama, has filed a complaint with the GAO, which exacerbates the controversy over NASA revising its contract.

This is an interesting time for space exploration. These rivals could forever turn history into the first to send astronauts back to the moon from American soil.

But will NASA really reconsider its decision or does it do it with the right diligence? We can only imagine that the company was so complete at its first end. Time will tell what the final outcome of the GAO will be.

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