February 1, 2023

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New Dungeons & Dragons OGL Statement: Community Feedback

picture: Coast Wizards

In the wake of io9’s reports on me Coast WizardsPlan to update Dungeons and DragonsFor a long time Open the game license—Proprietary agreement that allows creators to develop new content and systems using popular RPG rules—The publisher’s continued apologies to creatorsd to announce a new feedback system for the upcoming OGL creation.

In a blog post on D&D Beyond the official websiteAnd D&D Executive Producer Kyle Brink announced that another remake of WOTC’s recent plans for a post-1.0a OGL world will be developed along with community feedback, similar to how the company is currently soliciting feedback for Unearthed Arcana (pre-release rules for new class variants and more) And the next new version of Dungeons and Dragonsdubbed One D&D.

“We’re sorry. We got it wrong. Our language and requirements in the OGL draft were upsetting to the creators and didn’t support our core goals of protecting and polishing the overall gameplay environment and limiting OGL to TTRPGs,” Brink’s statement read in part. Then we doubled down on silence for a long time. We’re hurting fans and creators, when frequent, clear communications could have prevented a lot of this.”

io9 I reported the news of WOTC’s plans for “OGL 1.1” on January 5, as a leaked draft of the latest iteration of the license included royalty payments For creators making more than $750,000 on products that use the license, plus controversial moves to phase out the license for the current version of OGL, 1.0a, and exercise more creative control over properties and homebrew systems created under the new terms. Feedback among fans and third-party TTRPG developers alike was immediately candid, with publishers such as Pathfinder Developer: Paizo announcing about Own a multi-platform game license as a reprimand while WOTC remained silentPlanned ads were canceled before they were released Preliminary statement Last Friday, January 13th.

“Thank you for caring enough to let us know what works and what doesn’t, what you need and what scares you. Without knowing that, we can’t do our part to make the new OGL align with our principles,” the statement, which is attributed only to D&D After the staff, wrap up. Finally, we appreciate the opportunity to make this right. We would love to D&DDedicated and creative players that take them on many amazing adventures. We will not let you down.”

A second FAQ for a “2.o” version of the license, io9 got it too, still included many of the more controversial updates, notably the revocation of the 1.0a OGL license, despite a Wizards of the Coast statement declaring that the updates leaked as drafts “had already been changed in the latest versions by the time of the leaks.” However, it now appears that the publisher will be going back to the drawing board in a much broader capacity, with plans for a proposed new version of OGL that will be open to public feedback from D&D players.

In the new statement, Brink confirms that a proposed new draft of the open game license will be released “by or on” Friday, January 20, for review by D&D social communication. Players will be able to fill out a feedback form similar to playtests that are available for early access to the new D&D The material is in the Unearthed Arcana over the course of two weeks, after which WOTC will analyze the comments and provide new changes and analysis based on the information gathered.

Brink also reiterated what no future OGL draft would affect for creators, including several steps back to previous intentions in early drafts:

  • Video content, in the form of podcasts, actual playback streams, or more, is already covered by Fan Content Policy Fans
  • Sell ​​creator-owned content extensions with OGL
  • Commission services, such as consulting and commissioned work
  • Content published for Virtual Tabletop (VTT) platforms and by DMs Guild
  • Content is already published under OGL 1.0a

Licensees also will not have to report equity and financial information in order to gain access to the OGL, and there will be no requirements to restore a license in the new draft.

The proposed system is 180 sharp on Wizards’ predetermined intent for the new OGL, which speaks to the depth of the hype surrounding earlier drafts of the documents. Hopefully this time the publisher appears to be taking the public and financial rout it faces in the wake of these plans’ leak very seriously, and any new iteration of OGL that emerges from the process will be a true collaboration between the company and the community it has fostered for generations – and rekindled a relationship that has lost so much trust. And respect for the last few weeks.

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