November 29, 2022

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New Orleans Saints not considering change in QB despite start 1-2

New Orleans Saints not considering change in QB despite start 1-2

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — New Orleans Saints coach Dennis Allen said the team isn’t considering a quarterback change despite its offensive struggles and inconsistencies.

quarterback James Winston He deals with a back injury he described as a “transverse fracture” on a Fox match broadcast. Winston said he was in pain and was wearing four layers of protection and a custom backboard against Panthers.

He also said, according to a marginal Fox reporter, “Every time he squeezes his lumbar muscles, it makes it really hard when he puts weight on his back foot.”

The Saints struggled to move the ball in their three games, with the exception of the fourth quarter against the Falcons and the Panthers. Thirty-eight of 51 points this season came in the fourth quarter.

“No, no,” Allen said. “We all have to play better.” “I’m not looking to fix anything, obviously we have to make some corrections and we have to do a better job as a group.”

The Saints didn’t score until 12:31 in the fourth quarter. running back Alvin Camara He lost a stumble in the first quarter and a Saints field goal was blocked. kicker Will Lutz He also missed a 48-yard field goal attempt.

“I think everyone, when you get into these situations, kind of looks for a place to blame,” Allen said. “There are enough bugs to go around, I don’t really want to go there. I feel confident with James. Sure, we all need to do better and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Saints deal numerous injuries in the attack. They lost four offensive players during the match after the goalkeeper Andros peat and wide receivers Michael ThomasAnd the Jarvis Landry And the Michael Thomas left with injuries. The team was already missing the tight end Tsum Hill and a wide receiver deont harty.

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Winston has been in the limelight this season due to several injuries, entering training camp after recovering from a ruptured ACL last year, spraining his foot during pre-season and then injuring his back in the first week. The ankle problem was featured in this week’s injury report.

“Sure, he’s a competitor, he’s a warrior, he’s tough,” Allen said. “Yeah, he’s fighting through some things. That’s part of playing football.”

Winston refused to publicly reveal his back injury, though he said it would heal and not be something he had to deal with all season.

He maintained a positive overall attitude although at one point in the game on Sunday he looked visibly upset on the sideline after looking at the tablet with quarterback coach Ronald Curry and reserve quarterback. Andy Dalton.

Winston got off the bench and started walking before another assistant called him. He got back to Curry but walked away again and was seen talking to the offensive line soon after.

“I was trying to keep my poise,” said Winston. “Maybe it was a reaction to something I saw on screens or something.” “I don’t think it escalated from there. Appearances can be very deceiving.”

Winston has completed 63.5% of his passes this season for 858 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions. He was fired 11 times.

“This team, this organization has been here before, so we’re going to find a way to persevere, to run,” said Winston. “Look at ourselves, evaluate ourselves, and find a way to improve.”