May 25, 2022

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New patch released for Horizon Forbidden West •

New patch released for Horizon Forbidden West •

The graphical flicker is still not stable.

Sony has released a new patch for Horizon Forbidden West that fixes a number of issues.

However, the most notable is that A widespread issue of sparkling graphics It has yet to be fixed, although the team has acknowledged that they are working on it.

Full patch notes, at redditList a number of “known issues” that are not yet fixed in this patch. “The team is continuing to investigate the many graphical issues that players reported regarding flicker, sharpness, and screen saturation when moving the camera,” it reads.

But in other places, a long list of reforms has been implemented. It’s funny that one of those is that Aloy doesn’t remember her lair much anymore.

Other general fixes include multiple subtitle fixes, cinematic visual and audio improvements, erratic installation behavior in certain locations, and various crash fixes.

More specific fixes were made across multiple tasks, as well as user interface and graphical issues such as objects appearing between levels of detail, jittery camera, and blurry textures in photo mode.

You can check out the full patch notes for 1.06 at reddit.

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