November 30, 2023

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New prison for the first three weeks on Wednesday

Guadeloupe is at a “very critical stage”. The number of Govt infections in a week is three times higher and less vaccinated ()27% were vaccinated for the first time), Prefect Alexander Rochett announced Monday that he will establish a new three-week prison from 8 a.m. Wednesday. Objective: To “break the curve” of the fourth wave of corona virus before the beginning of September. An announcement coming in a week Similar results in Martinique.

As part of this imprisonment, the curfew order is being brought forward one hour from 8pm to 5am. During the day, travel is limited to 10 km orbit, except for “additional reasons”. Bars will be closed for three weeks, including the terrace. He also works with local communities to keep restaurants open during lunch.

But Alexandre Rocket warned: “This is the first phase, and I hope we do not have to go any further.

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