New seasons market to stop selling single-use bottled water

To help reduce plastic and other waste, West Coast Grocery New Seasons Market and its new Leaf Community Market subdivision plan to discharge single-use bottled water in all stores on Earth Day.

On April 22, Portland, which is bottled in single-use plastic, fiber, aluminum or glass containers with a capacity of one liter or less, will be discontinued by both banners of the New Seasons, based in Portland. Through this measure, the retailer will prevent more than 250,000 single-use bottles from entering the waste stream each year.

The New Seasons market noted that water bottles make up the bulk of the country’s plastic waste. (Photo courtesy of New Seasons)

The company said that both the new seasons and the new leaf will continue to sell large quantities of standing water and single-serving bottles of bright and tasty water in the grocery industry. Stores will continue to offer a refillable, single-service bottle stills from a Fremont, California-based Bathwater. Sell ​​locally raw, purified water in special, refillable aluminum bottles.

A selection of reusable water bottles will be available in the aisle of household items, the retailer added.

“Integrated, beverage bottles, caps and lids are the second most common form of marine debris. Using reusable bottles can eliminate more than a quarter of a million single-use plastic, aluminum and glass bottles per year,” said Athena, senior sustainability manager at New Seasons Market and New Leaf Community Markets. Box says.

“We start efforts with more water in containers of a liter or less because choosing recyclers is the easiest personal choice to help reduce our collective environmental impact,” Box explained.

As part of Good Food Holdings, New Seasons Market operates 19 stores in Oregon, Washington and Northern California, and the New Leaf Community Market covers five stores in the Central Coast region of California.

New Seasons has announced that under their sustainability efforts this year, both banners will continue to reward Neighbor Rewards loyalty project members with 10 bonus points when shopping with reuse. Members can register to receive e-receipts and save paper; The retailer noted that the receipt paper could not be recycled.

New Leaf Community Markets-Bottled Water Grid sign.jpgPathfinder refilled bottled water and bulk water supplies will continue to be sold at New Seasons and New Leaf Community Market stores. (Photo courtesy of Fresh Leaves)

New seasons and new foliage have set a goal to reduce the amount of waste operating in their stores by achieving a landscape diversion rate of 57%. Both banners are aimed at reducing energy use by 5% per dollar of revenue, the company said. In addition, store departments in the new seasons are exploring packaging improvements, such as lighter weight shift or reduced-track packaging in bulk tanks, half-bag clamshells, crop-and-co products and manufacturing.

Primarily serving the Portland and San Francisco Bay markets, the New Seasons Market offers a mix of locally sourced and organic products, grocery favorites and chef-prepared food solutions, while New Leaf Community Markets specializes in natural and organic food and groceries.

The two banners, which operate independently as certified B corporations, were acquired by Good Food in early 2020, which includes the other three food retail chains: Bristol Farms and the Lazy Acres Nature Market in Southern California and the Metropolitan Market in Seattle. Emart, a hypermarket retailer that operates about 200 stores in South Korea, acquired Good Food Holdings in 2018 and is part of The Sein Seka Group, a global retailer based in Seoul.

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