NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2021 First Round Schedule, TV Info

The 16 Stanley Cup playoff teams are set, and while we still wait to see how the western division matches move, we know what the NHL first round playoff table will look like.

For this season only, The The NHL is designed with four divisions. The teams played only against opponents of their division in the regular season of 56 games. The playoff format is simple: the first seed in each category faces the fourth seed, and the second faces the third seed in the first round. The winners face off in the second round.

When we reach the semifinals of the Stanley Cup, the remaining four playoff teams will be replanted Regular season point total.

2021 NHL Playoff Schedule: First Round

Penguins V.S. Islands Series livestream link

Sunday, May 16th: Penguin Islanders, 12 noon ET (NBC)
Tuesday, May 18: Penguin Islanders, 7:30 pm ET (NBCSN)
Thursday, May 20th: Penguins among the islanders, 7pm ET (NBCSN)
May 22 Saturday: Penguins among islanders, 3pm ET (NBC)
* Monday 24 May: Islanders in Penguin TBD
* Wednesday 26 May: Penguins in Islanders TBD
* Friday, May 28th: Islanders in Penguin TBD

Capitals V.S. BRUINSSeries livestream link

May 15 Saturday: Capitals Bruins, 7:15 pm ET (NBC)
Monday, May 17th: Capitals Bruins, 7:30 pm ET (NBCSN)
May 19 Wednesday: Capitals in the Bruins, 6:30 pm ET (NBCSN)
Friday 21st May: Capitals in the Bruins, 6:30 pm ET (NBCSN)
* Sunday, May 23rd: Tuberculosis in the capitals
* Tuesday, May 25th: Capitals in the Bruins DBT
* Thursday 27 May: Tuberculosis in the capitals

Hurricane V.S. PredatorsSeries livestream link

Monday, May 17th: Hurricane Predators, 8pm ET (CNBC)
May 19 Wednesday: Hurricane Predators, 8pm ET (CNBC)
Friday 21st May: Hurricane Predators, 7pm ET (USA Network)
Sunday, May 23rd: Hurricane Predators DBT
* Tuesday, May 25th: Hunters in Hurricane TBD
* Thursday 27 May: Hurricane Predators DBT
* Saturday, May 29th: Hunters in Hurricane TBD

Panthers V.S. LightningSeries livestream link

Sunday, May 16th: Lightning in the Panthers, 7:30 pm ET (NBCSN)
Tuesday, May 18: Lightning in the Panthers, 8pm ET (CNBC)
Thursday, May 20th: Lightning Panthers, 6:30 pm ET (USA Network)
May 22 Saturday: Lightning Panthers, 12:30 pm ET (CNBC)
* Monday 24 May: Lightning in Panthers DPT
* Wednesday 26 May: Panthers in Lightning TBD
* Friday, May 28th: Lightning in Panthers DPT

Maple Leafs V.S. CanadiansSeries livestream link

Thursday, May 20: Canadians in maple leaves, 7:30 pm ET (NHL Network)
Saturday, May 22: Canadians in maple leaves, 7pm ET (CNBC)
Monday, May 24: Maple leaves in Canadian DPT
Tuesday, May 25: Maple leaves in Canadian DPT
* Thursday, May 27: Canadians on TBD in maple leaves
* Saturday, May 29: Maple leaves in Canadian DPT
* Monday, May 31: Canadians on TBD in maple leaves

OILERS VS. JetsSeries livestream link

Wednesday, May 19: Jets in Oilers, 9pm ET (NBCSN)
Friday, May 21: Jets in Oilers, 9pm ET (NBCSN)
Sunday, May 23: Oils in Jets DBT
Monday, May 24: Oils in Jets DBT
* Wednesday 26 May: Jets in Oilers DBT
* Friday, May 28: Oils in Jets DBT
* Sunday, May 30: Jets in Oilers DBT

Avalanche V.S. BluesSeries livestream link

Monday, May 17: Blues in Avalanche, 10pm ET (NBCSN)
Wednesday, May 19: Blues in Avalanche, 10:30 pm ET (CNBC)
Friday, May 21: Avalanche in Blues, 9:30 pm and ET (USA Network)
Sunday, May 23: Avalanche at Blues DBT
* Tuesday, May 25: Blues in Avalanche DBT
* Thursday, May 27: Avalanche at Blues DBT
* Saturday, May 29: Blues in Avalanche DBT

Golden Knights V.S. WILDSeries livestream link

Sunday, May 16: Wild at Golden Knights, 3pm ET (NBC)
Tuesday, May 18: Wild at Golden Knights, 10pm ET (NBCSN)
Thursday, May 20: Wild at Golden Knights, 9:30 pm ET (NBCSN)
Saturday, May 22: Wild at Golden Knights, 8pm ET (NBC)
* Monday, May 24: Wild at Golden Knights DPT
* Wednesday 26 May: Golden Knights in Wild DBT
* Friday, May 28: Golden Knights DPT

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