Northern Division Playoff Matches Set: Canadians Against Maple Leaves, Oilers vs. Jets

The Winnipeg Jets beat Vancouver Canucks 5-0 on Tuesday to set up the Northern Division matches for the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The division-winning Toronto Maple Leaf will play fourth-placed Montreal Canadians and second-placed Edmonton Oilers Vancouver, beating third-placed Jets in the North.

This is the first playoff meeting between Toronto and Montreal since the NHL quarterfinals in April 1979.

The current Jets ownership (originally the Atlanta Thrashers) never played Edmonton in the playoffs, but the original Jets played Oilers six times, mostly in the 1980s. The Oilers won all six of those series against former World Hockey Association rivals.

The Stanley Cup playoffs begin with the U.S. games on Saturday, with the Northern Division games expected to begin before next Wednesday.

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