Nova Scotia’s border blockade Delaying the dream of a new start for the family

BC, David, Julie, Justin and Estelle Kapilon were stopped at the Quebec-New Brunswick provincial border on Monday morning.


Eight days into their cross-country trip, David Kapil, his wife and two young children were just hours away from their new home.

Officers were stationed at a checkpoint on the provincial border between Quebec and New Brunswick on Monday morning on their way to Windsor Forks, NS.

The reason? Nova Scotia closed its doors to almost all passengers in response to the third wave COVID-19 Cases where public health officials are struggling to come under control. At land crossings in New Brunswick, provincial public security officials began circling around people planning to travel through the province to Nova Scotia.

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The Kaplans, like many others on their way to the province, suddenly stumbled. Hundreds of provincial homeowners, one of the largest eastern settlements in recent history, have been moving to Nova Scotia in recent months. Hysterical Of individuals drawn by affordable real estate and, until now, the number of low corona virus cases.

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BC The family, traveling in two trucks, took a camp trailer and a motorcycle-loaded moving trailer, their clothes, the Boston Terrier-French Bulldog combination rap and their valuable belongings back to Quebec. They went to a truck stop trying to decide what to do next.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have no place to go, ”said the 44-year-old. Kabilan said on the phone from Tim Hortons’ parking lot near Tequila, Que. “I haven’t had rain in five days. We are exhausted. When they told us we couldn’t go, my wife broke down on the side of the road. ”

Nova Scotia announced new entry bans on Friday, registering 227 new cases – the largest single-day number since the outbreak began. There are currently 1,655 active cases in the province and 58 are in hospital. The province extended school until the final months, told residents not to leave their communities, and tightened the isolation requirements for rotation workers.

There has been growing concern in the province around the link between the growing number of cases Passengers Comes from other parts of Canada. Nova Scotia will no longer allow people to attend funerals, and the government has said it will no longer allow people to travel to the province until 8am on Monday.

David, Julie, Justin and Estelle Kaplan were born in BC.


On Monday afternoon, Nova Scotia clarified the rules following the release of stories of passengers stranded at provincial border crossings. Some will be allowed to apply for an exemption to enter on compassionate grounds if they can prove that they bought or leased their new home before April 21st, and have a deadline before May 20th. Nova Scotia, which offers similar exemptions for employment letter holders, has a deadline of May 7 for a new job, which can almost never be done or postponed.

“When fighting the third wave of COVID-19, it is important to control who enters the province, including the people who move here,” said Nova Scotia Premier Ian Rankin. “However, we do not want to create hardship for people and families who find themselves without a place to live.”

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Buying a home in Nova Scotia on May 6 is a one-handed and yoga instructor, Mr. Kapil said he hoped his family’s application would be accepted. They planned to stay at the Quebec camp until approval was obtained to proceed.

BC, a family traveling from Maple Ridge was in Thunder Bay when they heard about the tightening of entry restrictions in Nova Scotia. Suddenly they went to Nova Scotia, where they were able to buy rural property without a mortgage, which became a race against time.

Mr. Kabilan said they drove as fast as they could, but, with the four- and six-year-olds, they had to stop twice to sleep, arriving around 8am on Monday.

“They need to have a little compassion,” he said. “We followed all the rules, we avoided contact and were fully prepared to isolate ourselves when we got there.”

On Monday night the family learned that they had been given permission to enter the province and planned to continue their journey on Tuesday after receiving further instructions.

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