Nova Scotia’s new Prime Minister and the big shoes he fills in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis – Halifax

Premier says he is a professor of political science at the University of Cape Breton Ian Rankin His “predecessor” more than his predecessor Stephen McNeill when addressed COVID-19 The situation in Nova Scotia, and a little less decisive.

Professor Tom Arfaniak, Rankin and McNeil share some similarities in dealing with the epidemic, but their leadership style and personality are different.

“Ian stepped into a very difficult position at a very difficult time for Rank … You can almost feel him trying to feel like entering Rank’s lead role,” Arpaniak said.

“Unfortunately for him, we faced the crisis very quickly during his tenure as Prime Minister. He was a little less spontaneous than his predecessors,” he said.

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When McNeill was prime minister of the province, his call to “stay home” went viral across the province and across the country.

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Arpaniac said it was important to use that kind of spontaneity and colloquial language at a time like this.

“A politician is someone who has a little bit of personality … giving harsh speeches and laughing and crying with people at other times, so the style of presentation is very important,” he said.

During the COVID explanations and even on his Twitter account, Noah has been delivering some of Rankin’s harshest speeches to violators of public health rules.

The Prime Minister called the people who break the rules “selfish people” and called it Monday Govt He spoke angrily after another recorded case was reported.

“What part of that spread do you not understand? The only answer I can come up with is that you do not care, ”he told a conference on Monday.

Click to play the video: '' What's wrong with you? 'Premier tells Nova Scots not to follow COVID-19 protocol'

‘What’s wrong with you?’ Premier tells Nova Scots not to follow COVID-19 protocols

‘What’s wrong with you?’ Premier tells Nova Scots not to follow COVID-19 protocols

On Facebook, there have been some mixed reactions to Rankin’s performance, with one person saying “it’s Rankin’s fault (because) he does not know how to tighten controls”.

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Another person praised Rank for blasting people who broke the rules and for encouraging Noah Scots to continue.

In recent days, Urbanik said Rankin’s messaging is clearer compared to his April 6 announcement, where malls, retailers and gyms can return to 100 percent capacity with physical distance.

At the time, Nova Scodia saw only a handful of cases a day when Ontario was in a complete crisis.

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“When that announcement was made, Rankin congratulated the people and the government that we are maintaining our discipline and can now enjoy the fruits of our labor,” Arpaniak said.

“He tried to create very positive stories because an election is so close in one way or another. It’s not the right approach,” he said.

COVID-19 cases progressed rapidly in late April as they began to increase again. In the early stages of the spike, Arpaniak said it was a little suspicious from the prime minister and the province.

Click to play the video: 'NS reminds people to follow public health regulations.

N.S. reminding people to follow public health regulations

N.S. reminding people to follow public health regulations

The province was trying to adjust capacity levels before a full shutdown was announced, and only a few days later schools were announced to close.

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“There was clarity or uncertainty as to what people would be asked to do for a few important days. Finally, when they announced the provincial-wide strike, you can feel a little relieved for the Prime Minister,” the professor said.

Arpaniak told some people that McNeil seemed very decisive, which he considers true in many ways, but he notes that he “got the difficult structure of decision-making from Rankin McNeil.”

The decision-making body was made up of former Prime Minister Stephen McNeil and the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Robert Strong, who had basically run the province for some time.

“This is a difficult situation because it is not normal how our government works,” Arpaniak said.

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He says the opposite can be seen in Ontario, where there are many expert voices around the Prime Minister in decision-making.

“Nova Scotia, some key figures, may have gone a long way in making a more authoritarian decision to talk to the Prime Minister without the key experts in the room,” he said.

Arpaniak explained that he would sit down with Dr. Strong of Rank and then give him some conflicting advice.

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“That’s why I think you saw some movement in the beginning. In a good decision-making framework, you can call some key experts in the virtual room at the same time, not at different times.”

Now that Nova Scotia is closed, Rankin said the public can go ahead with more clear and more focused messages to try to get a handle on the crisis.

He also believes that the Prime Minister has not given much thought to an election at this time, given the current serious COVID-19 situation to be resolved in Nova Scotia.

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