OC Transpo Driver, Supervisor in Brake Training

The testimonies of the OC Transpo driver and supervisor during the Westboro bus crash investigation have raised questions about the sustainability of training at Ottawa’s transport company, especially when it comes to emergency braking.

Isoto Diallo, who was behind the wheel of a double-decker bus involved in a dangerous 2019 collision, has pleaded not guilty to all 38 dangerous driving charges against him, including driving three dangerous vehicles causing death.

The court on Wednesday questioned Alan Smith, the OC transpo operator who was driving the same bus on the morning of January 11, 2019, the day of the collision.

During cross-examination, Smith was asked if he remembered training on emergency braking, which included any exercises.

Smith said he had no definite memory, but that it may have been closed during class. He said he did not remember using the emergency brake during training.

Since 2017 O.C. Smith, who worked at Transpo, who had previously driven transport trucks, said he already had air brake approval on his license, which is why he was allowed to skip some training.

Tutorial checklist

Safety questions have been raised about whether the emergency handbrake on the double decker was ever shown to the dial.

On Wednesday, Assistant Crown attorney Dallas Mack filed a double-decker training checklist that Diallo signed on July 28, 2018, acknowledging that he understood and handled aspects of the bus, including the handbrake.

This photo of the emergency brake lever located to the left of the steering wheel of the double decker was shown at the Westborough bus crash investigation. (Experimental Exhibition / Court of Ontario)

During an earlier testimony, the training manager of OC Transpo said He could not find any signs in Diallo’s daily training records He received specific instruction on the use of the handbrake.

Lindsay Dole, training and education manager at OC Transpo, said court drivers are advised about emergency braking during their first two days of training. Another coach who testified, both Dole and Christopher Sr., said training takes place at a slower pace in a restricted environment.

Has raised security findings 2020 Auditor General’s Report on OC Transpo’s New Bus Operator Training, Decided that it needed more standardized instruction.

‘No problems’ with bus on morning shift

Smith, who drove the Double Decker 8155 during the 6-9 a.m. shift on January 11, 2019, testified that there was “no problem” with the vehicle during a pre-flight inspection. Diallo drove the same bus that day.

The court heard Smith tell police that the brakes on the double deckers were sensitive and likely to lock, especially in icy conditions.

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Transport, O.C. He added in court that when Transpo began inspecting them every six months instead of annually, it realized that by 2018 the brakes were less problematic.

Smith, in his opinion, told police that the traffic speed limit between Tunnie’s grazing and Westborough station was increasing to 90 km / h. In court, he said the extension to those speeds was too short in most situations.

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