On McDowell’s milestone night, Knox sees Gretzky’s greatness again

Looking at Wayne Gretzky’s career highlights, you may be disappointed to think that he scored most of his 894 goals against the Vancouver Kanks.

Kretsky scored more points (239) against the Kongs than any other team, but actually scored a few goals against some.

Gretzky’s first National Hockey League goal was against the Cancs, as well as breaking his 500th and 802nd Corty Howe career record, which most people thought was untouchable before The Great One came out.

Looking at these highlights reminds you of how great Gretzky is and how big most of those Canucks he plundered in the 1980s were.

No matter how hard they try, the current Connex will never forget this awful epidemic, and they will now be reminded of it whenever Connor McDowitt’s career highlights are running.

Edmonton Oyler, the best since Gretzky reached an unimaginable level on Saturday, gave him 100 points with three goals and one assist in the 4-3 win over the Canucks. Regular season.

McDowell finished his four-game, six-day series against Vancouver with 13 points. He does to the Kongs what Gretzky did a generation ago – but with far fewer allies. In nine games against Vancouver this season, McDowell has eight goals and 21 points, and yes, we checked it twice because it looks like nonsense.

As a young NHL reporter in the 1990s, I ask Panther what he thinks of the excellent and successful performance he gave to Ricky Leigh, a journalist and Canucks coach at Tampa, for Lightning.

Zimmering, Lay looked at his questioner, took a deep breath and slapped the cinder-block wall behind him, saying “I didn’t give a f about Peter Clima” between his teeth. Lesson learned.

But sometimes, you still have to ask.

“I mean what are you going to say?” Canucks coach Travis Green said Saturday. “He is a great player. He had another good night. He’s a tough player to stop. I think their top (Leon) Troisite combined for almost 20 shots tonight. When your team is a little tired, when you kick some guys out with an injury, it can be even harder to stop a guy like that with his pace. He is a great player. ”

Vancouver goalie Thatcher Demo, who was actually so good at hanging out with the Eulers and the overworked Canucks, was less excited when asked how he would remember this game.

“I’m not going to be a fan until I’m perverted,” he said. “I don’t know what to say.”

25 years to Demco. We hope he’s got 60 or 70 more years to get used to what McDowd did with the Kongs this week.

But the second interesting thing that happened in the series was that the Covid-left Connaught, who lost six straight games and lost eight straight sets when starting a final kick in 11 games in 17 days, was pushed back by two games in Edmonton in the final. They won 6-3 on Thursday and rallied twice to level the match on Saturday, with Drosight scoring the second of his two power-play goals in McDowell’s side feed.

J.D. on behalf of Kanex. Miller, Travis Boyd and Tyler Kravak scored, and Quinn Hughes scored another offside for an offside challenge from a coach.

“Of course I am proud of our team,” Demco said. “I’m always been proud of our team. You know we’ve handled a tough hand. I think everyone knows that. Obviously, there have been some injuries from COVID, and I think the players will walk (because) the guys are not really physically ready to play. We have some people right now. Going forward, they train here and on the taxi team, and I think they do a good job.We all do what we can here.Okay, we’m all competitors, it’s hard when you do not win.We all want to win every night, but we compete We do everything we can and strive for success. ”

McDowidt was different in the game. But the power of Connaught could have been drama.

The Vancouver Man went from 0 to -5 with the advantage and dropped the Canaks 1-to-29 in the season series. Power play of oils is 11 to 34.

“The special teams were different tonight,” Miller said. “I’m trying to be very negative, but we’m not clicking now. I do not want to dive more than that. We are not on the same page.

“It happens sometimes; It sucks. We are talking about creating a unit speed of five people. We do a lot of good things, there are a lot of games that don’t score, (but) not one of them tonight. It’s modest now, but we’re going to work hard to try to get out of it. We play a new opponent in the next game, so sometimes it helps. ”

The Canucks will visit the Winnipeg Jets for two games starting Monday. McDovit does not.

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