Once the playoff streak is over, it is best for the raptors to look forward, without looking back

It does not have to be this way, however it is not healthy to look back at what might have been at this point and go deeper into the rabbit hole to see what went wrong and what should be done right. not now. We’ve all been more, and we’re still going through it.

To be clear: I’m not referring to the third wave of the epidemic, but rather the seven – season playoff streak of the Toronto Raptors finally coming to an end, officially, as it did this week.

However, some of the same logic applies: it is better to anticipate, be optimistic, and plan for better days than to bombard what has come before.

But with the Raptors playing their first regular season game without a playoff impact since April 2012, it’s hard to look back on what would have been, especially when the Los Angeles clippers visited the Raptors in Tampa and the former Raptors big man at the Serge Ipaca building.

Was the nurse disappointed that the Raptors were unable to re-sign the 12-year-old Ipaka who was coming off a career season in 2020-21?

He was not happy to say goodbye to the mobile adult who could protect the edge and was a deadly sniper from medium distance and depth.

“I was sure. I think our team was there. I think it was our organization,” said the nurse, “Ipaka’s ability to take over the game on both ends of the field, his preparation and his senior leadership.” I was also planning to have. This does not always work. This is tricky. ”

Being honest is not so tricky. According to sources, when the raptors met Ibacca in Mexico, the raptors did not promise not to withdraw a regimental system with Mark Casol, which got off the wrong foot. Things only got worse this summer when Giannis got the Antotoga ounpo free agency, when they did not offer a contract for more than a year. Rejecting the two-year, 18 million he received from the Clippers, they would not pay more than 12 million million on a one-year contract for the value of Ibacca.

The Raptors did not finish holding the check, Toronto played the first three months of the 2020-21 season without a starting center that could be used on their list.

There were other factors that contributed to the Raptors’ playoff streak – the move to Tampa, half of the team receiving COVID-19 midfield and premature injuries between them – but the end of the streak began – the season and the Raptors have been playing catch since the beginning.

What they had was no small feat. Only two teams, Portland and Houston, had comparable seven-year lines. The Raptors have had at least one playoff series win in five years, not to mention 2019 when they won four of their NBA titles.

The Indiana Pacers won on Monday night, and they were officially off the road when Toronto were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, thus providing an opportunity for reflection on Tuesday.

“I mean, listen, it’s definitely not easy to get a seven-year run,” the nurse said. “… So, I think the system first, and we should all be proud of it.

“And then on the other hand, it’s disappointing. I thought we played as well as we could last year [Toronto had the second-best record in the regular season and lost a seven-game series to Boston in the second round] A gap or two may have been rolling in knowing how far a year ago.

“Please come back and be where we are today. Of course, it’s very frustrating, and it’s a little sad, to be honest, getting that flow. It was a hell of a flow. I hope it beats a little bit this summer. In the summer gym, back to where we used to be. We will feel things like this to get us back. ”

The last four games of the season have already been pointed out and what the off-season will be like.

The 115-96 fall to the Clippers served well for both purposes. This loss further confirmed the chances of the Raptors (27-42) ending up with the seventh worst record, giving them a 7.5 percent chance in the first overall test and a 31.9 percent chance in the top four.

But Kyle Lori (retiring) who regulates a game; Fred Vanweed (hip); OG Anunobi (calf) and Pascal Siagam (shoulder) were all eliminated – they could have done better for the season – and there were plenty of opportunities to evaluate the raptors’ abilities that may or may not be part of the immediate future.

So there were things to like even at a loss. Freddie Gillespie revealed his identity through two blocks worth highlighting – first on DiMarcus Cousins ​​and then on the Clippers great man Ivica Zubak – with 10 more points and seven restarts he continued to say he deserves to be a part of next season’s Raptors rotation. Joining him should be Kem Birch, who has shown that he can find a way to contribute to whoever is on the ground once he finishes with 13 points and three assists in 31 minutes. Rookie Wing Jalan Harris gets a chance to make up for lost time with his opportunistic score during the injury season, chipping 10 points in 25 minutes for six shots in 25 minutes. Chris Pachercher, after missing nine games with a sprained knee, has been using extended delegates as a power forward or even a wing – conditions he needs to prove he can play now, a center enough to stay on the ground he’s determined he can not defend.

“There may be a lot of learning and teaching to go on with the younger players, maybe you see a little bit of it,” the nurse, who was active at the time finishing time with her younger players, said after the game. “Usually the cattle you know, you tell them once, they are going to make a change or something or they are going to do it on their own or what and the younger guys need it, again, they don’t see it, they don’t feel it, so you have to tell them again or something else Say it along the way or draw it for them or whatever, find a way that allows it to sink in and then take it to the ground and implement it. ”

Against Kavi Leonard (20 points, seven rebounds and five assists in 30 minutes) and a Clippers team is not ready to take a run in a championship, they will never win again this season. The truth is, the days of rappers winning enough to be in the playoffs and compete for a title are now over.

It’s sad, but it was fun when it lasted. It was the era that confirmed the profile of raptors in Toronto and Canada.

The menu is always set.

But now is the time to look ahead.

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