October 2, 2023

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“One more shot and I think he was ejected”

Boris Johnson’s art of communication goes through the failed mucus. We pay more attention to the tension of the British Prime Minister. On December 18, just days before the traditional Christmas speech, he visited the anti-Govt vaccination center. On several occasions, a journalist questioned him about his subtle political situation. Annoyed, the former mayor of London raised his voice: “It’s a question of breaking the golden rule!”

The “The Golden Rule” His talk only consists of asking him about the theme of his trip, the virus and the vaccine. Except for commenting on the news wherever he is. This “Rule” So do not hold, this is mainly the reaction of a victim victim.

Two days ago, the Conservative Party lost a stronghold in a by-election. North Shropshire elected the Liberal Democrats by 6,000 votes more than the pro-pojo candidate, whose party won two years ago, defeating its main candidate by a margin of 23,000 votes. The fall is brutal but it is illustrated. Owen Patterson took the spot, but had to leave it after embarrassing revelations. Like many elected officials, by law, Patterson joined other professional occupiers as his MP. He works in a pharmaceutical company and has repeatedly approached ministries and public institutions in this regard. There he made a mistake. At first, Boris Johnson wanted to save him, got wet to save him, but was confronted with a scream and he was forced to leave. A case stamped on public opinion.

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Not so seriously, the majority is bigger after the December 2019 general election. But at the same time, the Prime Minister must face a revolt from a part of this majority. One hundred Conservative delegates – 369 – voted against the introduction of the Health Pass. The speech, which was supported by Boris Johnson, thanked Labor for their support. Shame on the head of government, concern for others. “We had two wins, Points Roger Gale was elected curator for 40 years in Kent. First, the party that opposed him in the Commons, then lost in North Shropshire. One more blow and I think he was thrown.

The warning is clear and Johnson is well versed in the intricacies of UK politics, do not be alarmed. The next general election is 2024. Until then he has nothing to fear from voters. There is not much to fear from the opposition, which has been weakened by internal conflicts and low weight in parliament. So danger can only come from within and it is almost a tradition throughout the channel for a Prime Minister to be overthrown by his own allies. The delegates focus on two points: whether the government is pursuing our political policy; Can the Prime Minister make us win the next election?

At the first point, Johnson clearly took his simplicity and presented it as one “Socialist” By a few hardliners. With the epidemic, it has eroded individual freedom, paralyzed the economy and distributed hundreds of millions of pounds in aid. Completely contrary to the values ​​of his radical Liberal Party. He was expelled from the cabinet of his advisers and continued to be criticized for not taking into account the views of the majority. With COP26 in Glasgow, he became the champion of Green Energy, again not really complying with his friends. Also, David Frost, the foreign secretary for Brexit, decided to leave the government by pointing out his differences in a letter to 10 Downing Street. The start, which caused a stir last weekend, further weakened Pojo.

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Now doubts arise at the second point: his ability as a leader to aim for elections. The defeat in North Shropshire and the Patterson affair are certain. But there were also robbery parties on Downing Street last year. Christmas celebrations among office colleagues at a time when the country was under strict restrictions. When the scandal erupted, photos and videos supporting it, Johnson explains he did not participate and did not know. At that moment his press adviser apologizes for the tears in front of a melting, cameras.

Uncomfortable new expression, in Defender This time: Photo taken in May 2020. Shows the Prime Minister and his wife seated on the Downing Street terrace, with glasses of red wine and cheese in front of them. At the same table, two collaborators. Fifteen more are located on the same terrace or garden a little further away. Again, at this time, festive gatherings across the country are banned. “This is a work meeting” The head of government’s spokesman defends himself.

These stories alienate Boris, often referred to in the UK, from his election base for not even digesting the double standard, without even giving him his last name. The one who seduces everyone with his good nature and Mr. side, turns into the image of a politician who cares about his own welfare above all else. The change reflected in the polls While it rose to 66% in April 2020, the celebrity rating dropped to 23% (source Yougov).

In the British press, there is regular talk of Rishi Sunak, the current Minister of Economy, and Liz Truss, who was recently appointed Foreign Minister after him. Speculations about Tom Dukendot, one of those who voted against the Health Pass, are coming very soon. “It is my duty and my duty to criticize the government when I do not accept it. This Conservative MP That is the way it should be in a parliamentary system like ours. The current situation is not ideal, but it should not be believed that this is the result of Boris Johnson. He is still our Prime Minister, the risk to him is less. It has nothing to do with what Theresa May experienced.

Although he has harassed many of his “friends”, Bojo still seems to have a firm grip on Downing Street. He had to make some promises to his majority, which he began to do, refusing to introduce new restrictions as the Govt-19 erupted in the UK. He defended the Christmas and family reunions that the Conservatives and most people wanted. One of his pioneers, David Cameron, praised him. “Boris has always been able to go where ordinary human beings cannot.”