OnePlus’ new utility allows you to easily transfer files and links between your devices

OnePlus’ testing software team has released a new app called OnLab Clip It allows you to send files, links and pictures between your devices. The tool is currently available as an Android app and as a browser extension – an iOS app.

The idea of ​​the clip is simple: it acts as a universal clipboard between your devices using Google Drive. It creates a temporary and thin folder in your Google Drive to store files, text snippets, links and images; Thus accessing them from any of your devices.

The app allows you to retrieve the last 10 items on your clipboard through the app. OnePlus stores these items in a folder so you can not view or access other files on your drive. Additionally, your data is encrypted, so the company cannot see what you are sending between devices.

I gave the tool a trip and after some login glitches I was able to sync on my Mac and my Android phone. At this point, the functionality is very basic and announcements are slightly delayed. We hope OnePlus squashes these bugs soon.

I really like the tools that allow you to send items between devices, Clift is not innovative. I use Pushpullet For years, it has had some neat features like sending links and files to friends and mirrored notifications. If you want to send links or text between devices, there are simple sites like ShareTXT.

You can learn more about the clip and find download links for its use Here.

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