Ontario ICU nurses claim that doctors receive 10 times their salary for similar work during epidemics

Two Toronto area nurses have been airing their frustrations over how the Ontario government is allowing their infection to expire, while continuing to pay doctors, some of whom are doing the same as nurses due to COVID-19.

Deepi Saharan, 27, received support from thousands of people Posted about the issue on Instagram Recently.

“This Ford is not appreciated, insulted, and supported by nurses by the government,” he wrote, referring to Prime Minister Doug Ford’s government.

Sahara points out that some doctors who earn $ 450 an hour work in the intensive care units (ICUs) under nurses $ 33 to $ 48 per hour.

“How right?” Said his post.

Nurses and other frontline workers in Ontario received an increase in their hourly rate and monthly gross pay for the first four months of last April. Even though the extra pay expires in August, doctors continue to get temporary infections.

Sahara, who cares for Kovit-19 patients in the ICU, said he decided to go public because he considered the situation unfair. He insisted that he spoke only for himself, but not for his boss, union or governing body.

“I felt this was wrong,” Sahara wrote in an email to the CBC News. “Providing temporary provincial support for one profession, not another, is not the same as being equal if there is not much involvement.”

He said doctors were qualified to compensate for their skills and education, but nurses were not paid enough for the extra work and stress they took on during COVID-19 epidemics.

“The epidemic has taken a huge toll on my colleagues and I, which is an indescribable.”

Infectious pay for doctors is to make billing easier

In April 2020, Ontario awarded nurses and other leading line workers a $ 4-one-hour pay rise If you work more than 100 hours per month for 16 weeks, pay a total of $ 250 for each of the next four months. But that paycheck expired in August.

Physicians working in the ICU who experience surgery due to COVID-19 are paid a temporary fee of $ 385 per hour for day shifts and $ 450 per hour for overnight shifts. April 2020 Memo Sent to hospitals by the Ministry of Health of Ontario. Physicians working in other areas of hospitals also earn special fees.

Watch | Ontario nurses under pressure from provincial orders in hospitals:

Nurses say the order to work beyond the scope of their practice in Ontario is causing stress and confusion. 2:23

In some cases, when ICUs need staff, doctors who earn these rates serve nurses as “nurse extenders” in support of their work, Doris Greenspan, chief executive of Ontario’s Registered Nurses Association, told CBC News.

“It’s a little sad,” Grinspan said of the pay discrepancy, “in the sense that nurses are the professionals who train them.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said in a statement that it was creating temporary financial flexibility for doctors so that hospitals could better respond to the uprisings in COVID-19 cassettes.

A spokesman for the Ontario Medical Association said the temporary hourly rates were not a contagious bonus, but rather to facilitate billing for physicians who would normally charge for each service they provide.

“Some doctors have volunteered to cover nursing shifts, to make time for nurses or to address staff breaks. It’s up to private hospitals and the Ministry of Health to decide how to compensate doctors who work as nurses,” Leslie Sheppard said in an email.

Senior Nurse U.S.

Nicky Skillon, another ICU nurse in the Greater Toronto area, said many nurses are reconsidering their profession or thinking about moving to the United States where pay is better. He is applying for a US visa to be in his “back pocket”, he told CBC News.

“We have no motivation here,” Skillon, who has been an ICU nurse in the Toronto area for 24 years, said.

Nicky Skillon, a senior ICU nurse in the Greater Toronto area, says many nurses in Ontario are reviewing their careers or thinking about moving to the United States, where pay is better. (Submitted by Nikki Skillon)

He and Saharan said they did not want to identify the hospitals where they both work, and even the uprising of nurses Maximum covered One percent per year under a law introduced by the Ontario government in 2019.

“This made us very angry,” Skillon said Facebook Team To fight the wage cap. “We are worth more than one percent.”

A ministry spokesman did not respond to a question as to why nurses did not receive a pay rise when doctors continue to receive temporary incentive pay.

David Jensen said Ontario is spending 52 million for recruitment And retain 3,700 new health workers, including nurses.

“This is one of the largest health care recruitment and training initiatives in provincial history,” he said.

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