Ottawa needs to raise more than $ 10 billion to fund Duckford’s Toronto transportation projects

The federal government has promised to spend more than $ 12 billion on Ontario’s transportation projects, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls a “historic agreement” with the province.

The Liberal government announced on Tuesday that it would take 40 percent of construction costs for four railroads in Premier Duck Ford’s GTA traffic expansion plan, while a new Hamilton expressway provides “massive support” to help TTC buy new ones.

“This $ 12 billion funding means that people will get to where they want to go quickly – all of which have tens of thousands of fewer cars a day,” Trudeau told a news conference Tuesday morning. He said it would help combat traffic congestion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as support work at the Allstom Street car plant in Thunder Bay, Ont.

The PC in Ontario was welcome news for the government, which has helped Ottawa pay for its GDA traffic expansion plan for the past two years.

The project includes the Ontario Line, the Eclinton Crosstown West LRT and the Scarborough and Yong North tunnel extensions. The four projects are expected to cost $ 26.8 billion to build together and $ 1.7 billion to design and plan. The federal government has agreed to contribute up to $ 10.7 billion for construction, while the province has made $ 17 billion.

“During the last provincial election, our government campaigned to provide a modern, fast and reliable transportation network that would reduce grid and emissions,” Ontario Transport Minister Caroline Mulroney told a separate news conference with federal and municipal officials on Tuesday afternoon.

“Today’s announcement is the approval of the Federal Government of our Government and the vision of the Premier Ford for transportation in the GTA.”

During COVID-19 Has reduced ridership, Mulroney said the new lines will be needed to serve the 11 million people expected to live in the Toronto region by 2051. Preliminary work on the projects is already underway, and the province says all four are scheduled for completion by the end of this decade.

Trudeau and other officials provided some details about the federal plans for Hamilton, besides saying that the Liberal government would help fund the rapid transit line that runs between McMaster University and Eastgate Centennial Park on Stony Creek. But one area of ​​knowledge of the deal, in line with the federal government’s commitment, will spend $ 1.7 billion to build the Hamilton LRT, which will effectively revive the project. The Ford government controversially canceled in December 2019.

The announcement of Hamilton is expected Thursday.

Amid tensions between federal and provincial governments over the handling of COVID-19, a multi-billion dollar transport finance deal has been reached, which has recently escalated to where Ontario PCs are. Trudeau launched offensive ads aimed at manipulating border controls.

Provincial and Union ministers eased those tensions on Tuesday.

“There has been a lot of noise. I think it’s unfortunate when people carry out attacks and throw stones during epidemics. But I was able to work very closely with Minister Mulroney (in transport),” said Catherine McKenna, the federal infrastructure and communities minister.

He denied the timing of the spending commitment, saying it was a sign that a federal election was coming around a corner.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s about restarting our economy and creating jobs, ”McKenna said, referring to the transportation deal as” the largest investment in infrastructure in Canada’s history. “

Some elements of the province’s transportation plan have been criticized as costly excess buildings. Ford’s government proposes Eclinton West LRD to spend $ 1.8 billion extra to build underground While the $ 5.5 billion three-stop Scarborough tunnel extension will take residents so long to complete, despite having enough space to build it on the surface Buses that have been riding for at least seven years.

Asked why the federal government decided these plans were the prudent use of public funds, McKenna suggested that it was not Ottawa’s role to interfere with the details of the new taxes. “We respect local decision making and local priorities,” he said.

Ford announced the GTA expansion plan in April 2019, after which it asked Ottawa to pay its “fair share,” initially saying that the province would fund the entire project if no other government came to the table. Until this week the federal liberals withheld any assurances, claiming that the province had not provided sufficient details about their plans.

Markham Mayor Frank Scorpiti, a longtime supporter of the Yong North tunnel extension that pushes DTC’s line 1 into the York region, on Tuesday praised both governments for finally reaching an agreement. When he was mayor of Toronto Ford praised him for living up to the traffic magic created by his late brother Rob.

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“The quote is popular: subway, subway, subway,” Scorpitti said. “He has taken that commitment to the tunnels first and foremost.”

Mayor John Tory said the collective agreement was a sign that “we can do things when people work together.”

“This is a great day for transportation in Toronto,” he said.

With files by Robert Pence.

Ben Spurr is a reporter from Toronto. Contact him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter: enBenSpurr

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