October 6, 2022

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Outrage after Florida court rules ‘not mature’ enough to have abortions

Hashtag “Ignore Florida” The movie continued on Friday, August 19, less than a week after a Florida appeals court decided to uphold the decision that the 16-year-old was not an orphan. “Not mature enough” To have an abortion.

An appeals court on Monday upheld Escambia County District Judge Jennifer Frydrichovich’s decision to deny the abortion request of a 16-year-old girl known only by a pseudonym. “Jane Doe 22-B”On the pretext that it failed to prove “She is mature enough to decide to terminate the pregnancy.”. “Jane Doe 22-B” She was only ten weeks pregnant when she requested an abortion because she could not obtain the consent of one of her parents, both deceased, an essential condition for minors seeking an abortion in Florida.

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On Wednesday, elected American women rose up against what they perceived to be “War on Women” In Florida. “This is a dangerous and terrifying example.”Lois Frankel, an elected Democrat from this state in the southeastern United States, ruled the outcome. “unacceptable” And called “Fighting for Women’s Health, Safety and Freedom”.

“In what world is a 16-year-old not mature enough to have an abortion, but mature enough to carry and raise a child? »On Twitter, Democrats-elect Joyce Beatty of Ohio was supported by Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey and Katherine Clark of Massachusetts.

The lawsuit and criticism aimed at Florida transcend state borders. California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom sent this message to “Jane Doe 22-B” on Thursday: “California is not Florida. We made laws to protect you. »

The verdict came within two months A historic U-turn by the US Supreme CourtThe ruling in late June reaffirmed the constitutional guarantee of abortion rights established in 1973. “Roe v. Wade », Leaving the US states to legislate freely on the question.

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A dozen states already have the option of banning abortion, most often without exception in cases of sex, rape or danger to the mother’s health. Women’s rights groups fear that nearly half of the states will be affected in the long run. In Florida, abortion is legal until the fifteenth week after the last menstrual period.

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