February 8, 2023

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Parents refuse “vaccine blood” to their sick child

Officers New Zealanders On Tuesday, December 6, it asked the courts to grant them parental custody, fearing that they would receive blood from vaccinated donors. Covid-19, resist surgery intended to save his life. Health officials said they made the urgent request to the High Court in New Zealand’s capital, Auckland, on Tuesday.

The four-month-old, whose identity is being withheld by court order, had pulmonary valve stenosis, a heart problem that required surgery, according to his mother. But the intervention has been delayed as parents demand that the baby’s transplantable blood be obtained from unrelated donors in the operating theatre. No messenger RNA vaccine Against Covid-19.

A request was rejected

Their request was rejected because hospitals in New Zealand do not separate blood donated by vaccinated people from unvaccinated people. The authorities requested the court to grant partial custody of the child. If the court accepts their request, the parents will retain their authority over the child except for medical care. Health services said they had taken legal action.Taking into account the best interest of the child“And then”Long conversationswith family.

About 150 anti-vaccine protesters gathered outside an Auckland courthouse on Tuesday to show support for the parents.

New Zealand’s aggressive measures at the start of the coronavirus pandemic were widely considered to be among the most successful in the world, with the country experiencing only a low death rate before vaccines were introduced. But strict travel restrictions and lockdowns have been criticized as attacks on freedom, and have prompted the emergence of smaller but more active anti-vaccination and anti-restriction groups.

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