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One person has completed a six-year challenge to park in every car park in his local Scienceprise.

Gareth Wilde, 39, of Bromley in south-east London, said she decided to take up the challenge after noticing her preference for certain places.

“For the past six years, I have had a spreadsheet listing every parking space I have used at the local supermarket, in an attempt to stop them all,” he tweeted. “This week I finished my Magnum Opus!”

“It feels like old Panini sticker albums, but its a very boring version,” the production director told PA.

“There are only so many parking spaces, why not try them all out?” I think it’s a collector’s thing. “

A complete map of the 211 locations he finds in his weekly store – excluding disability locations and motorcycle bays – divides the spaces into AF categories.

Graphic by Gareth Wilde labeling parking spaces at the local Sainsbury's in Bromley, southeast London
Graphic by Gareth Wilde labeling parking spaces at the local Sainsbury’s in Bromley, southeast London Photo: Gareth Wilde / Google / BA

Wilde finished his challenge by slotting his car into the F20 on April 24, which he described as “a pig to go inside”. He added: “I do not want to say that this is a big deal, but for a moment I was happy.”

People responded to his book describing the challenge with questions including what is the best place in a car park.

“It turns out that there are a lot of questions about car parks,” he said. “The best place is … you comfortably say you want to see C1. C1 is just gold dust.

“The moment you come through the gates it’s the first thing you see as a place.”

Wilde joins his wife “always very supportive”, while daughter Aubrey, four, regularly joins him in the parking lot.

“It’s kind of like, we do – being with her is like daddy daughter time, you know?”

On Twitter, Wilde said a little closer to where he lives has the potential to try again. He also described car parks as “a good snapshot of English life”.

“You come and mix all kinds of people,” he said. “Some of them stop like arzoles, some of them obey the rules and follow the signs.

“I like being outside and seeing those people.”

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