Past and present clash as Blue Zeus loses series starter to Astros

TORONTO – When Ross Stripping last played at Maid Park, the stock was a little different. It was Stripping, who was a member of Game 5 of the 2017 World Series and the Los Angeles Dodgers, who was called up to bring his team down to three in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Stripping did his job that night, allowing George Springer single before tripping a double play ball from Alex Breckman, then the Dodgers tied it up, but the Houston Astros eventually won the extra innings 13-12.

Three days later, the Astros won all. Two years after that? The Astros were exposed as cheaters who crashed into trash cans that year to relay stolen identities to their hitters. While it’s not clear how well Houston’s system worked in the playoffs, Dodgers chairman Andrew Friedman said “there was a lot of speculation about that”. What’s up with that now?

“I went a step further from everything and wanted to recognize it. Yes, there are a lot more lines here from that team, of course, but they’m all good players, man,” Stripping said.

“If I could make a bigger thing than that, now that I’ve got the weight of the 2017 World Series on my shoulders, I’m trying to go in that order, it would probably have caused problems. But of course, that thought rolled out of bed a little bit in my mind, but I tried to consider it any other start. . “

All in all, George Springer is not the only Blue Jazz player with some history of losing 10-4 to the Astros on Friday evening. Dioscar Hernandez also scored two runs against his former team. Or Cavan Piccio, whose Hall of Fame father came to see him collect a huge hit and a walk, while at the same time getting caught stealing for the first time in his big-league career.

Yes, there are some real connections between these two teams, and you can consider how they have been doing annual business with each other since 2016-19 with the likes of Scott Feldman, Francisco Liano, Roberto Osuna, Ken Giles, Trent Thornton, Aletmis. Diaz, Aaron Sanchez, Joe Biagini and Derek Fisher.

Michael Brandley, a former Houston attack coach who is Toronto’s bench coach, or Dave Hudgens, who almost signed with Blue Jaze shortly after Sprinkler did, was just before we could return to Houston. The longtime teammates exchanged a warm-up on the field before the game, but Springer’s return to Houston was not the case as a quad injury forced him back on the injured list.

“To say the most frustrating is to say the least,” he said before the game. “Especially being new to the company, being new to the team, I was excited to come and play and try to help in any way I could.”

For the second time since returning from the injury list, stripping lasted just 3.2 innings, allowing three earned runs. His speed increased, the maximum fastball speed was 95.6 mph and many sliders were spinning at 90 mph, but he made six swinging strikes on 82 pitches, which is a sign that Houston’s hitters are not fooled.

Strictly speaking, a two-run homer in the second inning could have been a little stripping about Carlos Korea hitting him. Six inches away from a fastball plate on the right, Korea drove it and hit the left-field from the wrong pole. If stripping throws the same pitch 100 times to big-league hitters, how many times does it leave the yard?

“Not often,” he said. “” For someone, it’s interesting to keep it fair, almost like you should be looking for it. I was not trying to take anything from Carlos, it was a good success, but the first thing that goes through your mind is ‘I could have dipped my hand in that I was going there.’ Maybe (Danny Johnson) will be there early, they say something from the trench, or if I soak my glove or whatever it might be a good impact. But that doesn’t happen often. “

“Sometimes, you mean your hat, man.”

As a team, the Blue Zeus tackled little against a talented Jose Urquidi, but Bo Pichet and Danny Johnson each scored separate home runs. Johnson’s season batting average is just .097, and now he has home runs in consecutive games – which is a encouraging sign, especially since Alejandro Kirk faces an extended position on the injury list.

“I’ve been doing a lot of work and I think I’ve made some changes to be ready to hit. Not just mechanical changes, but also in my mind,” Johnson said. “My attitude will definitely change for the better. See it build.”

But with those positives the Blue Zeus team was already hurt. Prior to the game, Joe Panick officially hit the injured list with a left calf injury, and in the middle of the eighth inning, Rafael Dollis was out with a right calf tightness, which could lead to an MRI Saturday.

From Springer to Stripping and Dollis, it added up to a disappointing evening for Blue Jays. The Astros may have been one of them at the time and the Blue Zeus may certainly be a rising star, but Houston still have the potential to win some losing games – especially when their longtime star is on the other team’s injured list.

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