May 26, 2022

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Phillies vs Dodgers: Bryce Harper, the most hitter in MLB, gives Phillies the strength to win

Phillies vs Dodgers: Bryce Harper, the most hitter in MLB, gives Phillies the strength to win

No baseball hitter is more locked in right now than Bryce Harper, who goes on to run the Phillies to win in the West.

Harper doubled down in the first inning and thrashed a three-way home run in the third on Saturday night off left-handed Julio Uriyas for the Dodgers, the 20-game winner last season who entered the 2.10 ERA.

Phillies won the match 8-3 to claim their third straight win at Dodger Stadium. They are 5-1 on the road trip of seven games after going 1-4 at home last week. This is their first win in a Dodger series at Dodger Stadium since 2014, and they are six games short of the visiting team’s record in a four-game series at Chavez Raven Stadium.

“We’re on fire. While doing it at Dodger Stadium, I’m amazed, I’m shocked,” Jean Segura, excitedly, told the Pellez broadcast crew in a post-match interview. “Men really swing a bat.”

Harper over his last nine games is 17 for 36 (.472) with five home runs, seven pairs, 12 RBI points and 11 points. His 24 successes in the extra base are five times more than anyone else in the majors this season. Seven more base hits for him in the last three nights More than ever by a visiting player In three games spanning Dodger Stadium. Harper even made his way aboard in his last game. The play was misjudged by Reyes Moronta, the Dodgers’ assistant, but it could easily have been scored, and could be changed to one after further review.

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There’s no perfect time for Harper to sit down, but he’ll get a PRP injection on his injured right elbow on Sunday and will keep him out of the lineup on Sunday and most likely on Tuesday. The Phils from Monday before hosting the Padres for three.

Segura started the scoring with a three-stroke sprint in the first half, taking advantage of Justin Turner’s duo error. On the fourth, Kyle Schwarber and Rhys Hoskins penetrated deep as Urias allowed their worst four home runs.

The Phillies offense went crazy in Los Angeles, an unexpected development given the Dodgers’ ERA 2.26 entry into the series. The Dodgers allowed more than five runs once all season before facing the Phillies, who scored 9, 12 and 8 for 29 times over 37 scores in their first three games. It’s hard to imagine the squad feeling more confident than they do right now.

The Ranger Suarez (4-1, 3.72 ERA) turned out for a great outing, which lasted seven runs. He let Homer take the lead to the Mookie Betts and gave up two runs in the fourth but made his way out of the crowd with second, third and one, retiring Hancer Alberto, Austin Barnes and all the Dodgers the rest of the way. Suarez ended his night by taking down 11 in a row.

Getting along with Suarez was significant on Saturday night because Velez’s table was taxed, especially the back end. By having Suarez’s seven players, manager Joe Girardi was able to use Cyranthone Dominguez for eighth and Conor Brogdon for ninth.

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The win makes the Phillies 17-17. They hit 0.500 for the first time since they were 10-10 and haven’t been higher since they were 3-2. They will be looking to make a serious statement on Sunday at 4:10 when they hope to finish a four-game sweep behind Aaron Nola. The Dodgers had yet to name a player by the end of Saturday’s game.

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