Pink Supermoon illuminates the sky across Canada, it has not been done yet


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Toronto, Ontario (CDV Network) – The Super Pink Moon lit up the night sky across Canada on Monday, marking the first Supermoon of 2021.

Despite the name the moon does not actually appear pink. The Old Farmers’ Almanac states that the name refers to the fact that the full moon of April coincides with the flowering of bright pink creeping phlox flowers.

If you miss the moon you will have another chance to catch it. NASA says the moon will be fully visible for three days until Wednesday morning, with the moon reaching its peak at 11:32 pm on Monday.

Supermoons are 15 percent brighter and seven percent larger than the average moon.

NASA says this is because the Moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical or oval shape rather than a perfect circle. A supermoon can be seen when the moon reaches the closest point to the earth.

The next supermoon is expected to shine on May 26, which the old farmer’s almanac calls the “flower moon.”

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