Plan to knock out city tennis stores and create new supermarkets with cafes and outdoor seating

A plan has been filed to knock down an old cork shopping center and rebuild a new one with a supermarket, retail units and a cafe.

The old tennis shops in Bishopstown could be demolished if the projects get approved with the developer.

Under the pans submitted to Cork City Council, they want to place a hotel in a new supermarket with off-license, some retail units, and some outdoor seating.

The project also includes arrangements for a car park, project areas, a good delivery bay, bike parking and pavement upgrades.

Permission is also sought for lighting and solar panels with appropriate markings around the site.

Notice of application is as follows: “Permission for redesign of Bishopstown Shopping Center, Kurrahin Road, Bishopstown, Cork.

“The proposed development will include the demolition of existing supermarkets and nearby retail units and the construction of a supermarket of 2,723 square meters (1,469 square meters net retail floor area), including a cafe with outdoor seating.

“The supermarket will supply alcohol for sale.

The project also includes a temporary construction car park on site, plant areas, goods distribution area, meter room extension and substation access.

“The proposed development will include car parking, bicycle parking, improvements to sidewalks and existing sidewalks and access, landscaping, lighting, signing on the building, totem signage, solar panels and related and ancillary site improvements.”

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