Player grades: Connor and Lyon show renewed as Edmonton Aylers beat Vancouver Canucks

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The Edmonton Oilers scored a goal against the Vancouver Connexes, but the game never seemed to be in doubt, and the only question was when Connor McDowidt and Leon Drosight would finally rise.

They did, and the game didn’t reach Vancouver anytime soon, with Edmonton winning 4-1.

In total, Edmonton scored 11 points, while Conax had only five (Number of runs).

Connor McDowidt, 8. J.D. He had the first two periods of relatively quiet up to Miller’s extended and retaliatory victory, elbow and cross. Don’t wake the dragon! McDee quickly delivered two excellent feeds to Triesight for two superb goals in 93 games in 51 games. Coach Dave Debate had 97 minutes under 20:00.

Leon Drosight, 8. If at first he murmured over his slow boots and slot clearance, it led to two 5-alarm chances for Con. He went in second, approached to score once or twice, and then set Barry for a hard shot. Finally, with five minutes left in the same frame, he was slapped once in the feed from McDee. A moment later, he hit again, this time crushing a timer with a power play.


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Jesse Puljujarvi, 6. Some good buzzing plays but no big results.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 7. His line was initially a machine to destroy three men, but could not get the score. He helped the engineer with five beautiful multiplayer passing plays in the first and second, but the Laminates could not pay for Dominic Kahun (twice) and Kyler Yamamoto (three times). The last of these opportunities starts with a good cycle n RNH body check as it was rarely as severe. In third place he got a dangerous power play shot that belonged to him.

Dominic Cohen, 7. He was first beaten by Thatcher Demco on a 5-alarm shot, and then a bit later on a timer from the RNH feed. But combined well with RNH and Yamo.

Kyle Yamamoto, 7. He flew in and out. Kahoon’s first set opportunity, but failed to score on his own two early Grade A snipes. Where have his hands gone? He missed the net completely in a partial split.

Kyle Touris, 4. Quiet game, less event, and you need a little more of a forward.

It’s Ennis, 5. He tried a lacrosse move and tucked it almost in the first corner. Some Nifty bucks are playing, but no big results.

Ryan McLeod, 5. He was part of the public chaos in front of the Vancouver web on Pachard’s second term goal. Not to mention anything other than that.

Jujer Kyra, 6. He looked at this game sharply. He went hard on the net for the first-time Grade A opportunity. He was severely reprimanded in the second period surrounding the attempt.

Alex Siason, 7. He tore an outer slapper from the post, as part of a strong period. His battle in the third period began the play with Edmonton’s fourth goal.


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Josh Archibald, 6. He worked hard as usual and allowed the team with three wins. Edmonton’s fourth goal was a sweet back pass to the nurse.

Tyson Barry, 5. Again he made a false suggestion. Again it led to one for two, with Niles Hoaglander and Brock Poser combining a goal. He stepped into the slot and landed a dangerous shot from a trochlear feed in second place.

Dornell Nurse, 7. He failed to stop Hocklander du Poser’s pass on Vancouver’s first goal, but it was mainly Barry’s bad pinch. Supported very fast and allowed a hard Poe Harvard wrist for a second. He created a strong screen in the second term goal of the ba chart. In Edmonton’s fourth goal he hit a vicious two-winger shot. This is the 16th goal of the year. He broke a Vancouver one-third in his first period and had a sliding block late in the third. He has played his usual 27:56.

Adam Larson, 6. In third place he was the worst, taking two penalties for his tough game. But he kept a clean sheet of paper about safety, not even a big mistake against a standard.

Dmitry Kulikov, 6. A few bubbles in the first period led to an extension of Canucks zonal time. Was otherwise solid.

Evan Pachard, 7. He showed his class with many strong passes and a goal. He initially gave Yamamoto a beautiful backhand feed, but a Vancouver T-Man blocked Yamo’s open net shot. He made a second sweet pass, extending to McDowell in the center snow. He hit an outdoor shot a second later, identified a screened spot and took advantage of it. He was promoted to Power Play and Penalty Kill in third place. One of his biggest failures was letting Jimmy Weasley loose in the third period. He played 20:13.

William Laxon, 6. Some good passes and hits. Second, he got a cross-verification fine, complete proof that the NHL notes actually actually impose a fine for cross-examination.

Mike Smith, 7. The van didn’t get much of a chance at the first target, but then came the first big one, which made two large savings on a trot slot turnover. Those were the savings he had to make for success, and he did them.


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