July 24, 2024

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Rebecca Yaros Unveils ‘Onyx Storm’ Cover: Exclusive

Rebecca Yaros Unveils ‘Onyx Storm’ Cover: Exclusive

The next installment in Rebecca Yaros’ hit romance fantasy series “The Empyrean” is on the way, and the author shares a first look at the latest book set in the world of “The Fourth Wing.”

Yarus exclusively revealed the “Onyx Storm” cover to TODAY.com on July 8.

Cover of Rebecca Yaros’ upcoming book Onyx Storm, designed by Bree Archer and Elizabeth Turner Stokes.Bree Archer, Elizabeth Turner Stokes / Entangled Publishing

“It’s amazing to be back with these characters again. After three books, we’ve been on an incredible journey together and I’ve loved expanding the world around them as they discover more about it,” Yaros told TODAY.com in a statement. “I can’t wait for readers to see what’s in store for Violet, Zaden and the rest of the gang in the future.” Onyx Storm

Onyx Storm is scheduled to be released on January 21, 2025. This comes just one year after the release of the Fourth Wing sequel, Iron Flame, in November 2023.

the The book is available for pre-order.Fans in the US and Canada can also purchase a deluxe edition with airbrushed edges, stenciled graphics, and more design features.

The “Onyx Storm” cover signals an ominous turn in the series, with an all-black design and the slogan: “Defy the Darkness.”

“The Fourth Wing,” the first book in the series, came in shiny gold with the sign: “Fly…or Die.” The fiery red sequel, “Iron Flame,” reads: “Burn It. Drop It.”

Rebecca Yaros wrote the novel The Fourth Wing and its sequel The Iron Flame. Courtesy of Katie Marie Seniors

Yarus announced its third book, “Empyrean,” on Instagram in March.

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“There will be politics, new adventures, old enemies, and of course, dragons,” she joked at the time.

The Empyrean Series Book Talk Essential Recommendation, follows Violet Suringail, a dragon rider trying to survive in the harsh world of the Basgiath War College as war rages beyond the borders of her lands in Navarre.

Add to that the love triangle (this is romance, after all) between Violet, her childhood friend Dane, and the son of the rebel leader, and you have the delightful premise of the novels.

As of July 8, the movie “The Fourth Wing”, which was released in May 2023, has been released. He spent 60 weeks. TBest of The New York TimesSeller list. “Iron Flame” comes in second with an impressive 34 weeks.

While Yarus plans to release five total books in the series, there is already work in progress on a television adaptation of “The Fourth Ward” with Amazon MGM Studios and Michael B. Jordan’s production company, Outlier Society. The deadline has been reported.

Yarus told TODAY.com in 2023 that “The Empyrean” series is “fully planned” across the five books.

“I think the film really deals with the theme of history: who is allowed to tell our history, and what happens when only people in power are the ones who record our history,” she said.

Part of the inspiration for the heroine Violet, who was written as suffering from a chronic condition affecting the body’s connective tissues, came from Yarus.

“Violet has a chronic illness — she has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which I also have. It’s been really amazing to see readers reach out to us and say it’s touched them, especially those of us with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, to be able to see a heroine like us who has a chronic illness,” she said.