June 5, 2023

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“Relax, relax, back up!” – We need a custom sound pack for Luke after hearing his rep was missing it during the recent broadcast of Street Fighter 6

Regardless of your feelings about the character, you can’t deny the energy, passion, and fun that English voice actor Luke brings to the role here in Street Fighter 6.

Aleks Le served as the special host for Capcom’s latest Metro City Academy channel for SF6, and some of his hilarious quips during the broadcast make us want a dedicated, goofy voice pack for Luke now.

It’s not really a deep thing, but basically hearing Locke yell “Relax, relax, relax!” Every time sand blast comes out it will be very good.

His yelling to the opponent to back up and stay was enough for Vicious to chime in that he’s not fighting a dog even though we just want to hear more.

This isn’t the first time Aleks has had some extra fun with his character considering he previously acted out a bunch of Street Fighter memes for Luke’s birthday as well.

And there were also times he borrowed Cammy’s disguise to try and recreate her elongated figure as well as create his own funny boxart designs for SF6.

If Le himself doesn’t eventually record a meme/joke soundtrack for Luke, the community will probably step in and make their own edit with what he’s already put together/will do in the future.

We are definitely disappointed with that.

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You can find full Broadcasting for Metro City Academy is here.