‘Resident Evil Village’ sets up simultaneous PlayerCount and Twitch viewership records for the series

Resident Evil is experiencing a certain kind of renaissance for its last few high-quality entries, but the final missing object for wide appeal is the tall vampire women.

Lady Dimitresku Resident Evil Village led the series to create an overall FlareGound record in a pretty solid difference overall.

Via Steam, Statistics:

  • 101,726 soldiers for Resident Evil Village,
  • This surpasses the previous record of 74,227 players for Resident Evil 2,
  • And Citizen Evil3 of 60,293 veterans.
  • In contrast, Resident Evil 7 reached only 20,449 players in 2017, so the game then has a turning point.

Resident Evil was a huge success on Village Twitch, no doubt helping to drive sales, even at peak times at the time of this writing, boasting an audience of 200,000, including League of Legends, Apex Legends, GTA 5 and Fortnight. Many big streamers run it, and we looked back at how game streaming actually started because players were scared on camera when playing horror titles. And there are plenty of fears in the village of Resident Evil. Needless to say no RE game saw numbers.

And then of course, there’s Lady Dimitres.

Resident Evil is known to be followed by large, indestructible monsters, but rather than some gruesome creatures, the village’s marketing is centered on the 9-foot-tall vampire Lady Dimitresku, who has become a monument to the NSFW-Ness of various sizes, but in a nutshell, Both female soldiers call her “Mummy” and ask her to step on them, among others. The running comedy is that in the village you really are To To be caught by Dimitrescu, she has given a face to a game that has not been on other topics recently.

Since the Village of Resident Evil is relatively narrow, all of these numbers will die at once, both players and stream viewers at once. This game is about 10 hours long, depending on how you play it, it is considered on the narrow side of the modern game landscape, but it is similar to the trend for most resident evil games. The game has 84 points on Metacritic, overall very solid, and over many games in the series.

In short, the village looks like the success of Capcom, and we will see this series continue with more installments indefinitely. But let’s see if the next game is as big as a hit without the tall vampire girl to advertise it.

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