RingWatt: Vastselina women highlight supermarket food wasting culture

According to the EAR’s menu portal, women from Vostacilina in Woor County got their inspiration for the project from the Estonian documentary “Home Cursed Paradise” (“Paradise is Coming Tomorrow”).

This documentary gets new food on the activities of a group of young mothers, which has been rejected, for their families. The Documentaries (Link in Estonian) The director also gave his blessings to Anna Hinds, Kyrie Orav and Vastelina women.

Orav initially planned to take the waste, but found that the edible, animal-to-animal food, but most of the produce was the best it could give to human recipients. Soon he joined other women and the pursuit became almost daily.

One participant, film director Eduna Sisolak, said: “This is the best fruit I have ever had in Estonia,” in his opinion that the fruit is often discarded when it is at its best (i.e. ripe).

Anna notes, shop managers are pushing the limit with the will to allow discarded food to be recovered in this way, but rejecting fresh, edible food is an irrational and unethical practice, he added.

Some stores have countered this by taking the moral high ground, fearing that the recipients may have gotten sick or tried to make money by selling the food they released.

This did not deter the women of Woor County, however, and now a division is planned to monitor food rejections, cook together and distribute food to other locals.

Original “Ringwatt” section (in Estonian) Here.

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