Russian supermarket ‘Cheaper than Aldi and Little’ to open in UK

A Russian supermarket brand will hit the UK, claiming it is cheaper than the likes of Aldi and Little.

Swedofer, the first food discounter to be established in Siberia, is looking to open its first stores in the UK this summer.

It has built more than 3,000 stores internationally since opening in 2009 and has been trading in Europe under the name Mere since 2018.

Four stores are set to open in the UK this year, two in Wales – Mold and Calicut – and two in the north of the UK, one in Preston and one in Castleford.

Credit: B.A.

The first one will open in Rifton, Preston is on an old Nisha site.

Powell Antonovs, head of purchasing in the UK, said the brand would reduce the number of cheap supermarkets in the UK by 20-30 per cent.

The model finds suppliers delivering directly to stores, even warehouses. They will be about 10,000 square feet, walking in retail rooms and a large freezer. This means that many temperature limits can be sold straight from the stick.

Simply highlighting itself, basically cuts to the traditional supermarket process, which is similar to Costco, but with no membership fees.

Each store will have a maximum of 1,200 SKUs or different products. This is up from 40,000 in traditional supermarkets, compared to 1,400 in the Aldi.

The staff will consist of eight members – one director, four cashiers and three handlers.

Credit: B.A.
Credit: B.A.

Antonovs said: “We have a gap in the market, we have no competitors.

“There is no service marketing like ours.”

Part of the business model is the purchase of stock from suppliers ‘on the basis of sales or revenue’. What this means is that Mere only pays for the items they sell and returns what they do not.

But that means suppliers are wary of registering. According to The Grocery, one supplier said it was a ‘rare’ arrangement in large-scale food retailing.

Antonovs added: “Some will understand us, some will not. There are already 30 businesses that fill 70% of our stores.

“I have now met a manufacturer with a turnover of 150 million m and we have signed for eight SKUs.

“On March 13, we opened a store in Latvia with 570 people outside. In Germany, when we opened our first store, it was purchased. [of stock] In two days. “

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