Sask. Medical health officials are asking people to stay at this Easter home

“We ask yourself: ‘Do I have to do it because I can do it?'”

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Twenty medical health officials have joined forces to invite all Saskatchewan residents to keep COVID-19 in the Gulf over the long weekend of Easter.

In an open letter to everyone in the province, health professionals were asked to go above and beyond public health measures to make sure they do not contribute to the rapid spread of COVID-19, especially as variants of anxiety (VOC) continue to spread.

One of the main reasons for the spread of COVID is the spread between homes. Vacation travel has the potential to carry the virus around the province. We usually see the latter cases during the holidays. Easter takes us to another important place, ”the letter read.

It continues by asking everyone to be vaccinated as much as possible, assuring people that all available vaccines are safe and effective. Residents are urged to follow public health orders such as physical disassembly, wearing masks and isolating immediately before being tested if you show any symptoms.


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But that letter requires health orders to be made by “minimal” people to protect themselves and others.

“Just like driving through a bad snowstorm, the dangers are great if we speed on snowy roads at unknown speeds and reduce the threat of drowning us in the abyss. So have a plan to protect yourself and the people you love,” it said.

“We ask you to ask yourself: ‘Do I have to do it because I can do it?'”

While private indoor meetings are currently limited to immediate housing in and around Regina, other parts of the province are allowed to gather in the bubbles of three houses with a total of 10 people. Instead of collecting in their home bubbles, medical health officials encouraged people to leave next year’s Easter meeting and stick only to their immediate homes and avoid traveling outside their home communities.

Over the past week, Regina has consistently been responsible for most of the new VOC cases, but variations across South Saskatchewan are on the rise. On Wednesday, Saskatoon also announced 21 new VOC cases.

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