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When students return to school on Monday, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (SDF) urges residents to be extra vigilant to protect against Govt-19 types.

In a news release on Saturday, SDF leader Patrick Maze said the organization was concerned about the increase in cases since schools decided to go to distance learning before Easter.

Predictably, case numbers continue to rise at an exceptional rate throughout the province, ”said Mirage. “This is no longer an issue for Regina and Southeast Saskatchewan, but really for all schools in all regions of Saskatchewan.”

COVID-19 cases are up 162 percent in Saskatoon and 83 percent provincially since early April, the release said.

The maze warns that people who traveled together during the break will now gather in schools, increasing the risk of spreading.

“I urge everyone to follow all precautionary measures when returning to school, and to stay home even at the slightest sign of illness, and to use quick tests where available,” Maze said.

In the publication, MAS explicitly states that face-to-face learning is desirable and desirable, and that the safety of students and staff is a priority.

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