October 2, 2023

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Seahawks players and legends are crying over Lamar Jackson’s situation

Seahawks players and legends are crying over Lamar Jackson’s situation

The NFL tends to shy away from it, but they aren’t very smart about hiding their intentions when it comes to tipping the scales at the negotiating table. Yesterday the league showed its full hand after laying out the Ravens Non-exclusive franchise mark On quarterback Lamar Jackson. Within an hour, at least five other teams had leaked to the media that they weren’t interested, including the Falcons, Panthers, Raiders, Chiefs, and Dolphins.

A very natural thing to do – NFL teams drop out as they go no The pursuit of a certain asset – particularly the arguably 26-year-old former league MVP who is Do more with less than any other quarterback in the league over the past five years.

The timing of the remarks stinks enough. What makes it worse is that these are exactly the teams that need to be in the market for Jackson. With the exception of Miami, they all missed the playoffs last season and have no starting quarterback in 2023.

While the term may be difficult to prove in a court of law, many fans, analysts, reporters, players, and agents were quick to point out the obvious: that look, smell, and sounds. Much like complicity.

At the very least, many current and former Seahawks players found it fishy. This is what they tweet about the situation.

F. Quandre Diggs

LB Bobby Wagner

WR Tyler Lockett

CB Tree Brown

CB Richard Sherman

The story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire