Several large white ski resort employees were laid off for a chaotic feast ahead of the new COVID restrictions

WHISTLER (NEWS 1130) – Five employees at the Big White Sky Resort in Okanagan were fired after a big party at a restaurant near the mountain on Monday night.

Received video Castanet shows a large crowd inside Charlie Victoria, The parties dance and do not wear masks, not social exclusion.

Michael Paulingal is with Big White, which he says is “disgusting.”

“This party was really an angry one. It was out of control. It was absolutely horrible,” he says. “This is a blatant disregard for the orders of the health officer. In fact, we are all trying very hard to remove COVID-19 from the mountain. Reported to be clustered By local health officials last week. ”

According to Ballingale, after Dr. Bonnie Henry Whistler called for Blackbomb to close, the privately owned restaurant discounted their liquor due to a trip to Whistler and other communities.

“This particular establishment was going to close its doors at midnight yesterday, and they decided to sell all the alcohol and food and beverages for 50 per cent, which attracted a lot of staff around the hill, and the good old fashioned party for them.”

Many of the visitors seem to have recently fired the resort staff. Although he understands why they want to throw steam, he says this is unacceptable.

“Unfortunately when I was forced to install food and beverages yesterday, 60 to 70 employees were laid off, which I think staff was throwing steam at, but this was no reason for them to behave this way because it was really dangerous, especially when the virus was on the mountain.”

He says police were called, but did not show up for a few hours and that the party was mostly over.

As for the tickets, he did not know if anything had been handed over.

However, more than 90 percent of those who attended party work on the mountain and Big White identified some of them as having been fired immediately.

“We have a community contract with the people who live in our home and work for our company. If they violate any rules set by the provincial health officer, their contract will be terminated.”

With five people released so far, Pauling says they are still looking for some more.

“They know they’re wrong. Some of them will leave the mountain in peace. Some of them will try to keep their ski passes. We need to cancel that too.”

Paulingall begs people in the Lower Mainland to stay local to help prevent the virus from spreading.

“We want to get back to you when it’s safe to do so again. But please be with the provincial health authorities, the rules, and the local right now.”

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