Shelton Keef Post Game, Leaves 5 vs. Canadians 2: “[Auston Matthews] Not going slow … I have no doubt “

Shelton Keefe addressed the media after his team’s 5-2 win over the Montreal Canadians, which improved the Leafs’ record to 34-13-6.

40 goals in 49 games for Aston Mathews and the amount we have witnessed from him:

I think I used a lot of my words on him. There is a lot to talk about all seasons.

It is wonderful to see him rewarded in a dangerous way. He knows he has too much pressure on her, or at least he has a huge responsibility to produce slander. He delivers it. He offers it at such a large rate. It is gratifying to see him achieve that feat tonight.

He deserves it because of how much work he has done. First, in preparation for this, this season he has come to a mission to publish a report on all parts of his game. He has done such good work defensively from the side where you want to see him achieve his goals. They are lofty goals, but clearly, he sets the bar even higher.

It made clear to him that Matthews is on a mission this season:

I look at actions. From the very first day of training camp, we had a very tough training camp, and when a talented player from Austin came and got ready for it, it was clear that he was ready to take his game to another level by going out on the ice and focusing on work ethic, competitiveness and details. – In turn, bring our team’s game to another level.

That is the ability of the player to be who he is and the ability of the person he is. It is great to see him being rewarded here for that. He’s not going to go slow. I have no doubt. He continues to push himself and our team forward here as well.

What it’s like to coach a team with these levels of talent:

I think each team has its own unique challenges and unique strengths. We have a lot of talent and great personalities on the team. I have to work on everything, I have to put those people in positions to succeed. I have to challenge them and really push them to transcend their potential – not only to achieve their potential, but to transcend what they or others think is their potential.

Every time you look to coach a team, you take talent every time. I am lucky to be in a position to train them.

Where Pierre Engle’s game stands at the moment:

He found a way to score in the last two games he has played for us here. It’s awesome to see. It definitely helps his confidence. But the truth is, he didn’t play here late. It has nothing to do with production.

Pierre needs to be really competitive, be physically on the buck, win the buck battles, be strong defensively, and do the little things that help our team win. Any product that comes out of it will be fine. I think he still has a lot to give to our team outside of any offensive preparation. Until he finds that position, he will continue to search for when his next opportunity may come.

At the level of concern with Power Play:

I think we had a real interest in a real time there. When we got out of Vancouver we got off on our last road trip, scoring a power play goal in every game in Vancouver and two games in Winnipeg, all season we thought our power play was dangerous at times. We didn’t get a lot of opportunities after that.

In these two games against Montreal, we had chances. It wasn’t very good yesterday, but I really liked it today. We attacked a post. We had a buck in the goal line. We had the look.

If you look at the bigger model, if you add six weeks or more, it was so bad, if it didn’t make any of us, yes, it really struggles. If you look at the opportunities we’ve created here in the last five or six games, there are a lot of signs of life to it.

We cannot live without what happened here in the past. We need to focus on every game that comes here. We want to go beyond that and want more productivity from it. Players want more productivity. But we see a lot of positive signs in the process.

In the first Power Play we had in the game before, the Power-Play guys we used were a lot tired. After that, I thought our power play spent a ton of time in the attack zone.

We have to be with it. Elite Power plays at a league score of one in four. That alone is the best. For the last while we were right in that neighborhood. When we look at the opportunities we have created, we think it will fall to us.

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