Singapore supermarket pulls out Taiwanese pineapples from shelves

SINGAPORE, April 3 (CNA) NTUC Fairprise, a supermarket chain in Singapore, said on Saturday it had removed all Taiwanese pineapples from its store shelves because consumers complained of core rot in the fruit.

A spokesman for Fair Price told CNA that the Taiwanese pineapple was being recalled because the supermarket chain pays too much respect to its customers’ opinions and has the right to ask for a replacement or refund if they are not satisfied with a new product.

A spokesman for Fair Price, one of Singapore’s supermarket chains importing Taiwanese pineapples, said it would work with its supplier to investigate the cause of the problem.

According to a report by Singapore news site Mothership, the main rot problem in Taiwanese pineapples was highlighted by Taiwanese media personality Huang Wei-han (暐 by) in a Facebook live stream on March 30.

Huang released pictures of “black-hearted” pineapples, which he said were submitted by some of his followers in Singapore.

The pineapples went on sale on March 18 at Fair Price Supermarkets. On March 25, the chain launched a two-week promotional campaign for Taiwanese agricultural products, including pineapple.

In Taiwan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sen Junne-jih (駿 季) said core rot had occurred on Taiwanese pineapples at Fair Price because suppliers did not store them at the proper temperature during shipping.

The Agricultural Council (COA) has advised Taiwanese pineapple suppliers to keep the temperature at 11-13 degrees Celsius from the time of sending the fruit until it reaches the store shelves. Shipping, Sen said.

He suggested that Taiwanese suppliers limit their pineapple exports and wait until one batch is sold before another batch is shipped.

Taiwanese pineapples have been on sale at a Singapore supermarket chain since China banned pineapple imports from Taiwan in February due to pests.

(Written by Elaine Hoo, Yang Shu-min and Francis Huang)

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