Single COVID-19 vaccine dose halves household transmission, UK data show – National

COVID-19 Vaccines Staying in the UK could reduce the spread of the corona virus in homes by up to a half, Public Health UK (PHE) data showed on Wednesday, in addition to protecting against foot-and-mouth disease infection.

The study provides research on one of the biggest unknowns about the COVID-19 vaccine – to the extent that it prevents the spread of the corona virus – and Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to end the UK lockout in June.

“We already know that vaccines save lives, and this study shows that the most dangerous are real-world data that can reduce the spread of this deadly virus,” said Health Minister Matt Hankok.

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Vaccinated Americans can now go without a mask in these situations, according to the CDC.

New research shows that three weeks after receiving the Pfizer or Astrogeneca vaccine, 38% to 49% of those infected with the corona virus are sent home for contact, compared to those who do not know.

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These shots also stop the symptomatic infection of a person who has been vaccinated, and reduce the risk by 60% to 65% from four weeks after a single dose of the vaccine.

“While these findings are very encouraging, it is important that you continue to act as if you have the virus, even if you have been vaccinated,” said Mary Ramsay, PHE’s head of immunization.

Click to play video: 'UK study examines safety of COVID-19 vaccine blending'

UK study examines the safety of mixing COVID-19 vaccines

UK study examines the safety of mixing COVID-19 vaccines – March 28, 2021

The study had more than 57,000 contacts from 24,000 households, including one vaccinated laboratory-confirmed case, PHE said, with nearly 1 million contacts compared to non-vaccinated cases.

Britain is one of the fastest-growing COVID-19 vaccine rolls in the world, with a first dose of over 33.8 million given and a quarter of adults receiving both shots.

It has generated real-world data on how Pfizer and AstraZeneca work outside the setting of clinical trials, and the PHE said earlier this month that it would prevent more than 10,000 deaths in people 60 and over by the end of March.

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Previous data showing good efficacy of the vaccine in the elderly helped to inform other countries that changed the age limit on Astrogeneka’s shot.

(Alistair Smouth Report; Compiled by Sarah Young / Guy Falconbridge)

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