Siri says the next Apple event is April 20th

Shree seems to have spilled the beans at the next Apple launch event. Macroemers First reported That Asking the voice assistant “when is the next Apple event” prompts me to say April 20th. U.S. I was able to get the same answer even though it was only on the device associated with Apple ID. Apple usually announces its events with calls sent a week in advance, which means the message should officially change today.

“The special event will take place on Tuesday, April 20, at the Apple Park in Cupertino, CA. You can get all the details”Says Shri. Tapping the link will take you to the standard Apple Event Landing Page, Where the publication is not listed. The response to this event happening in Cupertino seems odd, as it is one of only Apple’s pre-registered online events.

There is no mention of what Apple plans to announce at this event. However, the latest rumors are moving towards newer iPod Pro models, at least. Bloomberg Recently announced The new iPad Pros will launch in April. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is said to be Apple’s first device with mini LED screen, Allowing to provide a high contrast ratio without the risk of burning associated with OLED displays. Reports indicate that the new iPod Pros may be in short supply Due to production problems Apple faces mini LED displays. Other rumored iPad Pro updates include newer processors, better cameras and USB-C ports with faster transfer speeds, similar in power to the M1 chip found on Apple’s latest MacBook.

There are rumors that Apple is also close to launching its own company Long rumored airdocks. Location Tracking Devices, Apple Discover should allow users to track items using my software It is expected to launch last year But did not appear in the end. With apple Its recent discovery opens up my network The platform is now set to introduce its own bodyguards to monitor the products of third party companies.

If Sri does not lie, the calls should come immediately.

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