Sony announces new black and red dual sensor controllers for the PS5 that you can not buy yet

Sony has announced its first new colors for the PlayStation 5 ‘DualSense Controller: the “Cosmic Red” model with a two-tone red and black design and the classic PS2, PS3, and PS4 controller designs.

So far, Sony has only offered the DualSense controller in a black and white color scheme that is compatible with the PS5 (which has a similarly different theme), so the new color options are definitely welcome.

The midnight black option is particularly notable: Primarily white dualSense is a big departure from Sony’s designs, which often go towards the black and gray consoles and controllers for the entire PlayStation brand’s entire lifespan by default. The new black option (technically more two-tone design, black with two different shades) is closer to other controllers.

Now, Sony has only announced new colors for the controller, however the PlayStation 5 console has removable face plates – so the company is likely to introduce tablets suitable for the PS5 in the future. Entrepreneurial companies like Drop have already begun to fill that gap, With their own third party options.

Both new color schemes should be available for purchase next month (Sony says dates depend on individual retailers). Price has not yet been announced, but for reference, the standard dualSense controller costs 69.99.

Of course, assuming you can find a PS5 first – it’s hard to do something that Sony agrees with Until 2022 As soon as possible.

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